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Team Secret Wins VGL Winter Qualifier 1 in Vainglory Debut

Team Secret Wins VGL Winter Qualifier 1 in Vainglory Debut

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  • Jan 31, 2016


What a way to make an entrance.

Two days after famed Dota 2 pro organization Team Secret acquired a Vainglory team, that squad of KValafar (lane), Palmatoro (jungle) and Mowglie (roam) swept their way to the VGL Europe Winter Qualifier 1 title, 3-0 in the finals over SNOW Tsunami.

Team Secret, which began the qualifier as European champions Media Pixel eSport, played a nearly flawless tournament, racking up impossibly strong numbers after surviving an early scare in the Round of 32. Palmatoro finished the run with 52 kills and only 13 deaths, along with 50 assists. KValafar was ferocious in lane with a combined KDA of 70-31-60. Meanwhile, Mowglie continued to be the most dynamic, playmaking roamer in all of Europe, both on his signature Phinn pick and others when Phinn was taken away.

With the finals victory, Team Secret secures enough Qualifier points to guarantee a spot in the Winter Europe Live Championships, starting March 18 in London. (Get tickets.)

Heading into the qualifier semifinals, both SNOW teams remained, with hopes of an Avalanche vs. Tsunami finals. But Team Secret dashed those dreams, defeating SNOW Avalanche 2-1 in a hotly contested semifinal before dispatching SNOW Tsunami in three decisive games in the best-of-five finals. SNOW Tsunami and Avalanche finished the qualifier in second and fourth place, respectively, earning critical points toward their own Europe Live Championship appearances.

Having won this qualifier, Team Secret’s new Vainglory group can now begin to integrate the human, technical and data resources of a large, successful professional eSports organization prior to the second qualifier, which starts on Feb. 13.

Re-watch the finals broadcast, and follow qualifier statistics and leaderboards for all teams, powered by FameGlory.

Watch the finals replay here: