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VGL Winter Qualifiers – Pressure Mounts for LiberationX

VGL Winter Qualifiers – Pressure Mounts for LiberationX

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 05, 2016


LiberationX is in a familiar situation starting the second VGL Winter Qualifier without a single point in the standings. Will their loss in the round of 32 ruin their hopes of reaching the Winter Season 2016 North America Live Championships?

After a massive upset crushed the dreams of VGL Bracket Challenge participants everywhere, North America champions LiberationX left the first VGL Winter Season Qualifier with no points and a lot of question marks. If LiberationX wants to defend their Autumn Season title, they will need to recapture some of the magic they showcased last season.

In order for LiberationX to earn enough points to qualify for Top 8 in the standings and a trip to the 2016 Winter Season Live Championships (assuming that every team finishes in the same order), LiberationX would need to finish in at least third place. A fourth-place finish means that they earn 55 points and tie with every 5-8th place finisher who earned points for finishing in 5-8th from both qualifiers (20 points and 35 points from the first and second qualifiers respectively), and there’s no guarantee that would be quite enough to see them through.

Let’s look at the possibilities …

First-place finish:

If LiberationX finishes in first place in the second qualifier, they earn the #1 seed at the Winter Live Championships.

Second place finish:

With 100 points earned from a second-place finish, LBX would seed into the Live Championships as the 4-seed. They could potentially move up to third if Nemesis Hydra finishes fifth or worse. Additionally, if Nemesis Hydra collapse and Alliance finishes worse than eighth, then LiberationX could find themselves as high as the 2-seed. However, considering the human highlight reel of LostBoyToph and captain Hardek have lead Nemesis to consistent top tournament finishes and Alliance is both world champions and now features superstar jungler CullTheMeek, neither of these scenarios seems very likely.

Looking forward: (2) LiberationX vs. (3) Team Smurf Vainguard

As we approach the Feb. 13 start of the second VGL Winter Qualifier, all eyes will be on LiberationX … and a potential rematch against the team that upset them so shockingly in the first qualifier: Team Smurf Vainguard. Can LBX get revenge in the Ringo bracket region, or will their entire Winter Season melt onto the Halcyon Fold cobblestones? We’ll find out shortly.