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‘North Wind’ Reim Tier I First Look & Lore!

‘North Wind’ Reim Tier I First Look & Lore!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jul 06, 2016

Icy-cold ‘North Wind’ Reim wanders into the Halcyon Fold on Friday, July 8.



  • Wizard robes
  • Pointy Wanderer’s Hat
  • Branch of the Great Oak staff


After he buried his son, Reim was given the draught of forgetting so he would not die. He spent years after wandering. He walked at the edge of senselessness and had no mind for day or night. He paced the mage tower, then the city, and then his feet took him to a ship full of traders and explorers and swollen-gummed pirates. He paced that ship and would have paced into the jaws of the sea, but a voice in the water forbade him.

When they docked at the mouth of the freezing Kalls, he paced off of the ship and wandered into the glaciers, following old Grangor hunting paths. Without seasons or mirrors, a generation passed outside his awareness. He wandered so long that his heart and mind and magic froze along with the terrain. He stopped only to sleep. When beasts attacked, ice fled from his fingertips and speared them, and he ate. Forward he strode, over glaciers and through mountain passes and inside caves of ice. He climbed, refusing to slide backward, knowing that behind him was a terror worse than death, though he could not remember what it was.

At the top of one such cave his path was blocked by a fort of stacked Grangor shields. Reim wrinkled his nose at the tangy scent of magic. With blank eyes he knocked the shields aside. Beyond the shields, a warrior in full leather armor laid on the ice. From inside the helmet he heard a muffled cry: “Help! I am trapped within this cursed armor. Release me and I shall reward you.”

He unstrapped the armor and found within it a Valkyrie. “Well isn’t that a thing,” he croaked, his voice long unused.

“My thanks, Mage,” said the Valkyrie. “In return, I shall take you to the hammer named Troll Bane and make it yours.”


Everything Is Gone
Cold Reception

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