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‘Fury’ Rona Tier II First Look & Lore!

‘Fury’ Rona Tier II First Look & Lore!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jul 13, 2016



There’s a new sheriff in town on July 15. Rona takes her place as Boss Mom of the Churnguard Junkheap in the second tier of the ‘Fury’ Rona skin theme.



  • Post-apocalyptic cop uniform
  • Slick aviators
  • Retrofitted taser shock paddles
  • Spiky hat and shoulder armor


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“Gimme some love, Maggie” whispered Rona through tight-grit teeth, eyes narrowed at the wide grub-face staring her down from the smashed-out rat rod window. It was the Heap Boss himself, dressed in his trademark law uniform, badge shining on his lapel, fat gun propped in his meaty fists and Rona’s scary toothful grin reflected in his aviators. Under her right foot, a melted tire wiggled; she hunkered down, every muscle in her legs taut. Magpie’s beefy finger squeezed the trigger. She stared at his hairy bicep inflating past the torn confines of his starchy dress blues ’til the trigger clicked. Rona jumped over the blast, belly front, the shell leaving a burning kiss on her left thigh. She landed with a slam on the roof of the rat rod, machetes piercing straight down through rust, upholstery, skin and skull.

Magpie’s people poked up their makeshift helmets from the rubble, rifles nestled in shoulders, rocks in slingshots, hard grips on knives while their boss burbled out his last. No sounds but birds chirping while Rona pulled the machetes back up with a metal-on-metal squeeeeeeeeeee. Standing straight, grinning that scary toothful way, brains dribbling off her blades to splat on her boots, she surveyed the Churnguard Junkheap.

“Hallo popinjays,” she sang out. What had been Magpie’s lackeys looked at one another, then back at her. They had a good lock on her, could’ve got her down in a half-breath, but Rona screamed, “Maggie’s found his final slumber-place at the busy end of my machetes. Rules are rules. You’re my psycho-fants now!” She grabbed the badge from Magpie’s lapel and showed it around. “Your daddy was happy hoarding rubbish, but I’m gonna pretty this club up! There’s gonna be inculcations! There’s gonna be organizations! There’s gonna be spankings! We’re not gonna be satisfied with the Junkheap. We’re gonna take over Churnguard Industries!” One machete swung out sideways, pointing far off to the barbed wire-surrounded ruins of the military complex. “Witness!”

“Boss Mom!” cried one of them as Magpie’s bulk crumpled and bled out the rat rod door. “Boss Mom!” cried another, and then a hundred voices yelled out for the new Heap Boss as they crowded in close, spiriting her down the tunnels to the Club.


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