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Introducing ‘Red Lantern’ Koshka!

Introducing ‘Red Lantern’ Koshka!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jan 29, 2016

Koshka never misses a big celebration, and ‘Red Lantern’ Koshka is no exception!


To celebrate Lunar New Year, Koshka explodes onto the Fold in her luckiest red party dress, the one with the pretty peacock on the back, oh! and did I say DRAGON CLAWS? Plus, she sets off firecrackers with every ability! 

Read about ‘Red Lantern’ Koshka’s Festival adventure with her friend, Ozo!


Hi, my name is Zinna. I come from Shanghai, China and now I’m living in Tokyo, Japan. I am a fantasy illustrator for card projects and a concept artist for other game projects.

I spend Chinese New Year with my parents and other family members. We have very traditional celebrations. My grandpa even writes calligraphy. We have a big meal together and set off firecrackers at midnight.

My favorite Vainglory hero now is Catherine. I’m so happy I had the chance to draw her for the Catherine and Kestrel piece. They have distinct appearances which I wanted to bring into full play. Catherine is very cool while Kestrel is livelier. I tried different poses for them, which was important and the most difficult step. In the drafting step, the drawing composition, poses of characters, environment and light should be considered. I put emphasis on their facial expressions. The subtle emotional cues show much and that is always a big challenge for me.

I always feel calm and peaceful when I draw “gothic characters”. For the Storm Queen piece, I imagined she is someone who has lost her humanity and feels nothing about the true world. In the past, she was a normal person; I can tell that from her blood and scars on her face. She must have been hurt and turned into a demon; now she only has a little human consciousness. She seems to be staying in a lonely and dark castle with the ravens and expecting nothing. Hopelessness gives her power. She has no weakness.

Ozo is the first time I’ve drawn a monkey! I liked the challenge of his face and his pose. Koshka and Ozo are clever characters who have bright and bubbly personalities. I imagine they have a leisurely life in an interesting and lively city. 

I have been totally attracted by this amazing game and I am so excited to draw the heroes! Happy to see that Vainglory is very popular in China. Hope you enjoy it and let us meet in the game!

Unlock ‘Red Lantern’ Koshka during update 1.14 and keep her for good. But remember: When update 1.14 is gone, this skin will be gone from the Market!