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Oh So Pretty: the Rare ‘Butterfly’ Celeste!

Oh So Pretty: the Rare ‘Butterfly’ Celeste!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jul 05, 2017

Legend says that lovers who cannot be together become butterflies in the afterlife. These star-crossed beauties need a celestial mage to protect them. Read on to discover more about ‘Butterfly’ Celeste!



  • Hanfu style blue & pink dress with gold embroidery & bell detail
  • Jeweled butterfly staff
  • Jade butterfly hair pin
  • Dark hair with peony headdress and gold disc ponytail holders
  • Strappy dual colored shoes




The Sweethearts

“Celeste! Yo, where’d you go?”

“I’m up here, taking care of the sweethearts.”

Vox poked his head out of the window and looked up. Celeste’s long black hair spilled down as she waved at her brother from the roof.

Vox climbed out and swung up to join her. “Sweethearts? Whaddya mean … whoa.” On the roof, Celeste was busy watering a crowded garden full of butterflies. Bright orange and pink zinnias shared sunlight with golden sunflowers and purple verbenae. Butterflies socialized on firecracker vines, sipped from milkweeds and dangled from nectar-filled feeders hanging from wooden house-shaped boxes. All different colors and patterns zoomed together in pairs. A Blue Pansy landed on Vox’s nose and combed his eyelashes with its antennae.

“The sweethearts like to drink from the flowers,” said Celeste. “The caterpillars need the dill and violets and clovers.” She pointed to herby-smelling boxes where caterpillars munched and larvae hung out. “I take care of their host plants and nectar plants, and I keep the spiders and ants away.”

“Uh, Sis,” said Vox, swiping away the butterfly on his nose, “this is pretty and everything, but sweethearts are people. Bugs aren’t people.”

Celeste set down her watering can and smiled at her twin. “Butterflies are people who were in love but couldn’t be together. Didn’t you know that?”

Vox’s eyes widened at a pair of Red Lacewings spiraling through the air together. “Butterflies … used to be people?”

“And now they can be together.” She held out her finger and a big orange butterfly landed on it. “This kind is called an Orange Julia.”

Vox stepped close, peering at the basking butterfly. “Does … does this one have a sweetheart?”

“Not yet.” Celeste whispered to the Julia, and it fluttered over to rest on Vox’s ear. “But I’ll take care of her until her sweetheart comes.”

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