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Summer Party Preview: Get New Rewards & Progress

Summer Party Preview: Get New Rewards & Progress

  • Vainglory
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  • Jun 14, 2016

Summer season is dedicated to creating meaningful progression and fun for all players — no matter whether you consider yourself a super-casual player, a hyper-competitive player or anywhere in between. However you like to play, Summer is going to pump out rewards that get better and better as you make progress. And oh yeah, there’s “Sunlight.” Get ready for things to heat up …


Get Big Rewards All Summer Long

In Update 1.19, you’ll find a new tab within your player profile called SEASON. Inside, you’ll find new Summer Chest you can open every day filled with awesomeness. Plus, this chest will rank up with you for better and better loot.

  • Daily Summer Chests pay out big rewards every day!
  • Your loot may contain Glory, ICE, boosts and Essence.
  • Daily chests may pay out Summer skin cards for limited-edition Beach Party Krul and two exclusive seasonal mystery skins.


Collect Sunlight To Boost Your Rewards

It’s going to be a sunny all season long. In Summer, you’re going to bathe in Sunlight and soak in the rewards.

  • Play Casual, Ranked or Battle Royale to earn Sunlight. Win that game to earn more.
  • Collecting Sunlight improves your Seasonal rank.
  • Each rank upgrades your Daily Summer Chest for better loot payouts.
  • Summer rank milestones will pay out extra loot, just for fun!


Earn Even More Bonus Sunlight with Skins

Summer is the height of fashion in the world of Vainglory, so show off different hero looks for bonus Sunlight! Strut your stuff in the Fold and collect more …

  • Wearing a skin in any match grants a bonus multiplier on Sunlight earned.
  • The higher skin tier, the more bonus Sunlight you’ll earn.
  • Casual/Ranked bonuses: Tier I skin = 33% bonus // Tier II = 66% // Tier III = 100% // Limited-edition = ???%.


Join the Summer Fun

All you have to do is play to earn Sunlight, Glory, ICE, Essence, boosts and exclusive cards! And special Summer Party events will accelerate your progress toward seasonal limited-edition skins.

  • Watch out for Summer Card Events all season long!
  • Remember to open your Summer Chest every day in the new Season tab of your player profile.
  • Tap the number in the lower left of the main menu to visit your profile and see your Summer progress.

Exclusive ‘Summer Party’ Skins & Events

If you missed the reveal of Summer Party Krul and the Card Parties schedule, check this out!


On June 16, we’ll dig into the meta-altering mechanics and new items that will change the game in Update 1.19. Plus, get insight on the new roamer Lyra and how her exceptional abilities will impact matches in Summer and beyond. More build freedom and diversity is only days away! Details coming soon …