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‘Paragon Catherine’ Tier II Reveal

‘Paragon Catherine’ Tier II Reveal

  • Vainglory
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  • Jul 17, 2015

Catherine’s Tier II skin is coming in Update 1.7!  Read her Paragon lore and watch in-game video below.



In our next update, you can experience the continuation of Paragon Catherine, the skin theme that explores what would have happened had Catherine returned to the Storm Queen. In Tier II, Catherine has become the right hand of the Queen — her First Knight.



by SugarVenom

“I’ve always loved Lionne. I wintered here as a child. My sister and I used to sled down that hill when it snowed.”

Catherine led the Storm Queen past the grand park toward the city’s main square, her crimson plate armor reflecting blood red on the cobbled promenade. It was a lovely city — or it had been, before the uprising. Small family shops stood dark and empty at midday. Glass shards littered the street. Ash from burning homes dusted every surface. Ravens circled overhead or picked at the bodies strewn everywhere. The gray sky crackled with magic. In the distance were the enraged and pained shouts of battle.

“I will see this city’s beauty restored, once it is pacified,” said the queen.


The queen turned toward Catherine’s voice. “Would you use a different word?”

Catherine gripped her shield tighter. “Destroyed,” she said. “Burned, leveled, annihilated.”

“Pacification is a prettier word. The new governors will call it so.”

“And the old governors will be removed. Lionne’s ships will become royal ships, their trade royal trade. Heavily taxed, of course.”

“And why not?” mused the queen. The screams from the city square, the last vestiges of the rebellion, became louder as they approached. The queen enjoyed being present at the finales of revolutions. “Once the army surrenders, there will be peace here as long as I live. It is a tax well deserved.”

They came upon the edge of the town square. Catherine moved in front of the queen, whose scarred face showed no anxiety. The townspeople closed in around them. The queen’s archers sniped anything in a Lionne army uniform from the tall buildings; most of the rebels left were shaking citizens gripping farm tools and rusted swords. Only their insults held an edge, so the shouts followed the queen and her first knight as they walked, serene as if on a morning stroll, to the center of the square.

“People of Lionne!” called Catherine. “Lay down your arms and be at peace. Long live the Storm Queen!”

The shouting intensified. A tomato splatted against Catherine’s shield. The queen sighed as the crowd moved closer, pointing their pitchforks and kitchen scissors. “A man’s last breath is ever his most insistent.”

Catherine inhaled, her eyes closed, and called the thunder. Felt it pushing through her limbs, pressing against the tips of her fingers, imbuing her shield until it shook. Then she opened her eyes and slammed her shield into the ground.

The tremor pulsed through the street; cobbles broke apart and rolled under the unsure feet of the rebels who fell, frozen, their terrified eyes looking toward the paragon of the queen’s personal guard. The screams silenced, frozen in the throats of the crowd.

In the quiet that followed the thunderous blast, the kraa, kraa, kraa of the ravens echoed off of the ruins.

“Long live the Storm Queen,” Catherine said again, this time without raising her voice.

A woman’s voice from the crowd sounded out. She stood, shaking, holding a child in her arms. “Long live the Storm Queen!”

More followed, led by the mothers who would prefer taxes and peace to dissent and death, until even the proud farmers sang along.

“Long live the Storm Queen!”

The queen bowed her head in a political show of humility, but her smile was wry. The archers picked off the last of the Lionne army.

Long live the Storm Queen!

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