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Gwen Abilities & Splash Art Revealed!

Gwen Abilities & Splash Art Revealed!

  • Vainglory
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  • Sep 30, 2016


Gwen moves swiftly through the Fold, picking off enemies from a distance. She can shake off negative effects, turning the tables in her favor. Gwen is best played in the lane where she can earn gold and gear up for big fights.

Read on for Gwen’s abilities. …




gwen-icons_passive_sizedBoomstick (Heroic Perk)

After not attacking for a brief time, Gwen’s next basic attack deals additional weapon damage. Attack speed reduces the time before this empowered attack becomes available.

gwen-icons_a-sizedBuckshot Bonanza (A)

Gwen blasts enemies in the target direction, damaging all targets in a cone. Enemies hit by this ability are slowed and revealed for a short time.


gwen-icons_b_sizedSkedaddle (B)

When activated, Gwen instantly removes negative effects from herself and blocks further effects for a short time. Additionally, she gains a temporary burst of bonus move speed.

Passive: Gwen gains bonus move speed. This effect is disabled for a few seconds upon taking damage from an enemy hero, but it is otherwise permanent.

gwen-icons_c_sizedAces High (Ultimate)

Gwen pulls an ace from up her sleeve and flings it in the target direction. The card deals damage to everything it passes through. The ace impacts and stuns the first enemy hero in its path.



Want to see more of Gwen? Check out the teaser trailers for this new hero:


Keep an eye on the in-game News section for more Gwen info and guides. Gwen will hit the Halcyon Fold in Update 1.23.