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Coming Soon: ‘Seraphim’ Adagio Tier III

Coming Soon: ‘Seraphim’ Adagio Tier III

  • Vainglory
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  • Oct 11, 2016


Adagio’s story begins millennia ago, when the world was young and war raged between winged creatures of awesome power. When the last dragon and seraphim fell from the sky, the fate of both races hung in the balance. Find Adagio’s lore beneath the following skin details …

Model Changes:

  • White wings and corset
  • Golden rerebrace and vambrace
  • Glorious halo

Effects Changes:

  • Gift of Fire casts floating white feathers on healed target
  • Agent of Wrath comes with painful new flames and doom-black feathers
  • New basic-attack blade and runes

Why skip to Seraphim Tier II?

In an effort to unleash the creativity of our amazing art team, we will sometimes release skin tiers out of order. This way, if ChainSAW and his artists have a vision for a skin, they can get it out to you immediately without having to worry about  the progression and escalation of an entire three-tier skin theme.


Card Crafting Recipe Changes:

  • Crafting this skin requires multiples of a single card instead of a complicated formula.
  • Single-card recipe being introduced for Seraphim Adagio and Apprentice Samuel.
  • Overall crafting and Essence costs will vary from the “old way.”
  • Skin will be 25% off ICE purchase upon release along with “Daily Deals” on skins.

“Since the introduction of the cards system, some players have struggled with the complexity of card recipes, as well as managing and juggling skin card costs and their actual card collection. In an effort to make this easier for players, we’re simplifying the Seraphim Adagio skin crafting recipe to multiples of a single card. If you wish to craft this skin, you’ll collect a set number of copies of one card featuring the name and splash art of the skin. We’re going to try this out with both Seraphim Adagio Tier II and separately Apprentice Samuel Tier I.

“In addition, the overall crafting and Essence costs (effort required) to unlock the skin will vary from the previous card recipes. Since this is new, we’ll be monitoring these values and player use closely and make adjustments in the future, as needed. Don’t expect it to ‘map’ to the previous model; this is intentionally different.

“Coinciding with these recipe changes, we’re taking steps to make it even easier to get skins directly with ICE. Both Seraphim Adagio and Apprentice Samuel will be 25% off direct ICE purchase upon release. We’ll also be running ‘Daily Deals’ on the entire skins catalog all update long. Check back frequently for deep discounts on all sorts of skins! We’re also investigating more ways to help players get the best possible skin prices on an ongoing basis.” —PlayoffBeard



The Death of the Elder Dragons

by SugarVenom

The final battle between the seraphim and the elder dragons ended millennia before the first of the humans. For one thousand years the battle had darkened the skies; feathers and shimmering scales mixed with blood and rained down on the lands.

The last queen of the elder dragons took a mortal wound in her lower belly. With the last of her energy, she flew to her mountaintop nest. There she laid her last clutch of eggs and resolved to die, blood seeping from her wound into a spring that flowed down into the river below.

The last seraphim landed with a flutter of pure white wings next to his conquest. He stood as tall as one of the dragon’s eyes. By then, the elder dragon breathed only once every few minutes; the seraphim was startled when the eye opened.

“You have emerged the victor,” whispered the dragon.

“A meager victory. The seraphim are demolished and the ground shakes with the evil below.”

The azure dragon made a rumbling sound that may have been a cough or a laugh. “It will burst from underground and destroy all, and from the rubble new beings will rise to dominate the world.”

“And they will make war and kill one another while the evil grows, and be eradicated in turn, as has always been the cycle.”

The dragon rolled her topaz eye to the sky. “There are the volcanoes that churn out lava at a steady flow and never explode. Perhaps it could be so for the evil. We should have dug deep, created wells to allow it to escape in a controlled … a controlled…” A bout of wheezing broke the dragon’s thought.

The seraphim rested his palm on the dragon’s brow. “But we did not, because we were always at war,” he said. The blue scales surprised him with their softness. He had never come so close to his enemy. “It may have worked. But there is beauty in the loss of hope, isn’t there? The promise of death and rebirth.” He spread his left wing to show the dragon the blistered wound over his ribs.

“Your heart burns,” said the dragon. “How long?”

“It is a slow death. I have a year, perhaps, if the evil does not swallow the world first.”

“A year.” The dragon closed her eyes. “The last choices belong to you. My eggs are there — take them, or roll them down the mountain as you wish.”

The seraphim waited, stroking the fine scales, while the last queen of the dragons breathed her last. With a gasp of pain he rose and surveyed the nest, the eggs snuggled in together, the hope of the world.