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Tony’s Rise: Stow Away

Tony’s Rise: Stow Away

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 24, 2018

It isn’t easy to be sneaky with your power boots on, but the goblins are so busy picking one another’s noses that you are able to make your way below the deck. You wedge yourself between two crates marked EXPLOSIVES as the ship floats herky-jerky away.

When you hear ravens circling over the ship, you know it’s time to make your exit. As soon as the ship swings close to a peak, you jump off and roll, crash landing outside a cave.

The cave is the perfect place to hide from the ravens. You creep inside and sit on a round rock to wait.

The rock wiggles under you.

You pop up, startled. Wait – this isn’t a rock. It’s patterned and warm. It’s an egg. And there are more. Lots more. This is a nest, you realize. A nest belonging to something huge.

To take an egg for yourself, tap here.
To get away as fast as possible, tap here.