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Lurking in the Shadows… the Rare ‘Clownwalker!’

Lurking in the Shadows… the Rare ‘Clownwalker!’

  • Vainglory
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  • Apr 03, 2018

Vainglory parties will never be the same. Terrify your opponents with the all-new rare Churnwalker skin: ‘Clownwalker!’ 


  • Yellow clown costume with blue polka dots, green frills, suspender & zipper
  • Spiky orange hair
  • Red clown nose
  • Creepy clown makeup with crazy, two-tone eyes & horrifying smile
  • Big clown shoes with scary googly eyes
  • Four savage fists spring out from the body, two holding hooked chains



Welcome To The Party!

Isha vavad, shobez! Which of you darlings is the guest of honor? Don’t be shy. This is a happy occasion, so smile, like me! I have candy, and magic, and tricks to show you. Don’t you want to see my tricks? Aren’t you funny, running away, as if you could ever escape me. A Churnstorm blew me away, and it will blow all of you away too unless you stay close. And if you won’t stay, I’ll make you stay with these fun hooks. Better to stay than be blown away, friends. Absto, ido oedo ikrad ahskadez ugui idam!

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