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Check Out the Rare ‘Steam Knight’ Tony!

Check Out the Rare ‘Steam Knight’ Tony!

  • Vainglory
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  • Mar 08, 2018

Pesky royal romantics refuse to leave you and your pet dragon alone. Fight back with the gallantry of a knight and the tech of a dwarf! 


  • Steam-powered punchers & kickers!
  • Ornate armor complete with locomotive battle harness
  • Steampunk goggles
  • Handlebar mustache

Did you find the beginning of this story in Tony’s Rise? Check it out here:

Tony’s Rise: Princess Pinkerton


From the moment your precious egg cracks, the royalty starts invading. Your pet dragon can’t even burp out a tiny forest fire without attracting local princes offering maidens in white dresses as sacrifice (and they’re undeterred, even when you tell them that Princess Pinkerton prefers blueberries and cream to barbecued maidens). Minor princesses and duchesses encroach upon your little hideaway too, demanding to be abducted by your rapidly growing dragon friend, and close behind them come the knights in shining armor, threatening to slay Princess Pinkerton for their honor and whatnot. Well, your darling pet won’t be a pawn in their silly aristocratic nonsense. You are a dwarf after all! Your steam-powered armor will help you defend Princess Pinkerton from those noble ninnies.

Read Tony’s canon lore:

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