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Update 1.10 Notes: The Big Payout

Update 1.10 Notes: The Big Payout

  • ReadyPlayer1
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  • Nov 03, 2015

Until this update, guilds weren’t much of a party. Sure, you could put on a name tag, stand around by a potted plant and hope some cool guildmates showed up … but guilds weren’t exactly “exciting.” With 1.10, we usher in the next wave in a series of enhancements designed to crank up the music and make some heat. Read on to discover all the new stuff we’ve introduced, along with a coveted new skin theme and significant balance changes. Let’s get to it …



Guilds is a feature big enough that our work has to come in phases. With each update, we’re building on the foundation created in 1.9 and adding more and more to make guilds into a feature-rich experience for every captain, member and initiate. With massive season-end rewards, Guild Heat and new tiers, guilds are now much more than groups of 20-50 players …


Playing with your guild in Autumn Season 2015 just became a lot more important. By playing together with guildmates, you’ll level up your guild, unlock amazing crests and earn bigger and bigger end-of-season rewards. Check out the new REWARDS section and view the ladder of potential payouts. Then, grab at least one other guild member (yeah, that got easier), rep your guild, earn Fame XP and climb your way to huge Glory and ICE bonuses! All rewards pay out at the end of the season, so you’ll know exactly how much time you have to band together for that next reward tier.

For the most active guild members, we made a special treat just for you! Each time a guild fills its Fame XP bar and levels up, the entire guild gets to see and celebrate which three players achieved the milestone.

  • Level up your guild to unlock escalating rewards at season’s end!
  • View all season-­end payouts on a new guild ladder in the REWARDS section.
  • Every 10 guild levels, you’ll rank up into a new guild tier and unlock a new guild crest.
  • Two guild members can now queue without a full party to earn guild Fame XP.
  • Guild leveling is significantly easier than in 1.9! In fact, your guild has been retroactively granted more levels. Go look!
  • Invite and Friends lists now display both players’ team tag and their guild tag.



Perfect for guilds with active members wanting to earn Fame XP faster!

For a guild to truly thrive and progress into bigger rewards, it takes participation from nearly all the guild’s members. So, to incentivize participation and dedication, we’re introducing Guild Heat. This is essentially a bonus enabling guilds with lots of member activity to earn Fame XP faster. As member activity increases, the guild will be “warming up.” As the vast majority plays matches, your guild will be “on fire” and those guild levels and rewards will come significantly faster.

  • New Guild Heat feature tracks member activity and rewards members with bonus guild Fame XP!
  • WARMING UP: If 60% of members have played a guild match in the past 48 hours, members gain a 10% Fame XP bonus from guild matches.
  • ON FIRE: If 85% of members have played a guild match in the past 48 hours, members gain a 25% Fame XP bonus from guild matches.
  • Guild Heat will show up after your guild’s first match in 1.10.


Having second thoughts?

Decide during 1.9 that you’d rather have an invite-only guild … or that your guild motto was cheesier than you first thought? Now the guild captain can make easy in-game adjustments.

  • Edit your guild type (open or invite only) and your guild motto in-­game.


Rather than contacting Super Evil support, you can now change your player name in-game. If you’re not happy with how your name is displayed, change it in your profile.




Update 1.10 introduces the long-awaited skin theme for this popular crystal mage. We know many of you have been saving up ICE for this moment, and it’s finally here! Head to the Market now to get this Tier I skin with ICE, or start collecting Celeste cards today.

Read the Star Queen Celeste lore as she wields her royal star staff, commands an army and comes fully into her own power alongside father Ardan and brother Vox.



“We won’t stop until Petal is viable and players are in love (again). Plus, her ultimate gets the revitalization that the rest of her kit got in 1.9.” —CaptainNeato



Petal now uses an alternate energy system that represents the number of seed charges she has. This will remove her energy dependency and make the seeds the focal resource for Petal.

With this change to munion dependency, it made sense to redesign how munions interact with enemy heroes, lane minions and jungle monsters.

  • Killing Petal’s munions no longer grants experience.
  • Munions now have 4-5-6-7-9 ticks of health:
    • Hero basic attacks and direct ability damage each remove 3 ticks of health.
    • Multi-target damage, area-of-effect damage and attack bonuses remove 1 tick of health.
    • Minions and monsters remove 1 tick of health.
    • Damage-over-time effects deal no tick damage.
  • Munions regenerate health when out of combat.
  • Munions will try not to steal last hits when Petal has an Ironguard Contract.



  • Petal’s seeds no longer provide a healing and defensive aura. 




Petal’s ultimate has been reimagined to make her a better team player, without negating her mage powers. Petal’s munions now heal allies as well as damage and slow enemies when they explode.

  • Cooldown reduced from 90-80-70 to 70.
  • Damage reduced from 215-310-405 + 80% crystal ratio to 180-240-300 +70% crystal ratio.
  • Enemies in the explosion radius are slowed by 30% for 3.5 seconds
  • Nearby allies in a larger radius are healed for 70-90-110 + 25% CP
  • Munions are invincible during the ultimate.


“Permanent critical strikes caused Taka to snowball extremely hard starting from the mid-game because it made every point of weapon power 50% better than on anyone else. This change lowers Taka’s mid-game synergy with pure WP but grants some late-game power and build diversity through the ability to separately crit.” —Zekent

HOUSE KAMUHAhouse-kamuha

  • Mortal Strikes are no longer crits. They instead add 40 + 25% of bonus weapon damage per strike. This bonus damage can critically strike per normal.


Taka A Kaiten


“We’re shifting this ability more towards skillful dodging of damage and stuns rather than pure damage.” —SurpriseBirthday

  • Damage down from 75-150-225-300-410 + 120% crystal power to 100-360 + 80% CP.
  • Taka is now immune to debuffs while mid-flip.


  • Taka will now de-stealth if he receives damage within 0.4 seconds of activation (down from 1.0 second).



“The fastest-possible basic attack reset using Twirling Silver is back, for all you snappy-fingered pros who could do this perfectly.” —Zekent


Ringo B twirling-silverTWIRLING SILVER

  • Fixed a bug where executing a perfect basic-attack cooldown reset using Twirling Silver was slower by about 0.2 seconds.



“Changes to Serpent Mask means stacking this item is no longer viable, so we’re removing the Red Mist lifesteal reduction.” —Zekent


RonaCred-mistRED MIST

  • Because Serpent Mask’s passive no longer stacks, Red Mist no longer has minus-50% lifesteal during channeling.
  • Red Mist can now be canceled while silenced.


The changes below were included in the 1.9.1 hotfix. (No new changes in 1.10.)



exc-551b7e64e4b06a2886e54208SONIC ZOOM

  • Weapon ratio down from 50-55-60-65-75% to 35-40-45-50-60% (1.9.1 Hotfix).


  • Base weapon damage down from 52 – 80 to 34 – 80 (1.9.1 Hotfix).
  • Vox’s last-hit indicator is now accurate.


“Glaive had too much late-game lifesteal, and so now he has less.” —Zekent



BLOODSONG bloodsong

  • Lifesteal down from 1% to 0.75% per stack.




“We wanted to reward great Celeste players who know how to set up a Supernova without crippling Celeste’s viability. With Heliogenesis on such a short cooldown, it was too easy to drop stars down everywhere and left little room for counterplay.” —SurpriseBirthday




  • Cooldown increased from 3.0-1.0 seconds to 3.0-1.4.
  • Crystal ratio of the star decreased from 125% to 100%.
  • Crystal ratio of the supernova increased from 175% to 220%.




This ability does … far too much damage. There are already huge benefits to leveling up this ability from widening the trail. Because each star does AOE damage, multiple collisions already multiply the damage.” —Zekent

  • Lead star damage down from 300-350-400 to 300-325-350
  • Trailing star damage down from 150-175-200 to 150-160-170
  • Energy cost down from 100-120-140 to 100-100-100


“Between constant stuns and incredibly potent damage mitigation, Catherine was a bit too effective with high amounts of cooldown.” —Zekent


MERCILESS PURSUIT merciless-pursuit

  • Cooldown changed from 13-13-13-13-12 to 13 at all ranks.
  • Merciless Pursuit stun duration down from 0.8-0.9-1.0-1.1-1.4 to 0.7-0.8-0.9-1.0-1.2.


“Yummy Catnip Frenzy was often seen as a liability to use against opponents with Reflex Block. Previously, if your target Reflex Blocked your ultimate, YOU would be self-stunned for 2 seconds while your target walked away free! These changes should incentivize using the ability as an engage tool in addition to suffering less when blocked.” —Zekent



  • This ability will auto cancel when Reflex Blocked by the target. It will still go on full cooldown.
  • Cooldown for Yummy Catnip Frenzy reduced by 2 seconds from basic attacks (improved from 1 second).
  • Can now only be used on enemy heroes.


“Missing Forced Accord was lacking counterplay since the cooldown refund was a bit too forgiving. Having more time in between hooks allows enemies to take advantage of Phinn’s slow move speed even more than before!” —Zekent


forced-accordFORCED ACCORD

  • Cooldown up from 75-60-45 to 75-65-55
  • Cooldown refund down from 0-25-50% to 0-15-30%


  • Phinn’s voice in-game has been updated so that it’s easier to understand what he’s saying!


“We’re shifting the lifesteal from his B to his A. Utilizing lifesteal takes time, and when on Law of the Claw this mechanic rarely came into play. This also gives Fortress some late-game power that he sorely lacked because lifesteal is an extremely valuable stat in late game.” —Zekent

truth-of-the-toothTRUTH OF THE TOOTH

  • Fortress and allied heroes now gain 10-12-14-16-20% lifesteal upon leaping to your target.



law-of-the-clawLAW OF THE CLAW

  • No longer grants lifesteal upon triggering (moved to Truth of the Tooth).
  • Reaching max stacks will consume the debuff, so you can reapply the bleeding and attempt to pop it again on the same target.


attack-of-the-packATTACK OF THE PACK

  • Bounty on wolves reduced from 50 gold to 10.




“These are small changes to reward great Krul players for long-range sword throws. Too often is this ability used as a fast, point-blank stun that is guaranteed to hit.” —SurpriseBirthday


from-hells-heartFROM HELL’S HEART

  • Fixed a bug where the slow was not able to be Reflex Blocked.
  • Fixed a bug where the stun and slow durations were not as long as intended for long-range and “boomerang” sword throws.
  • Clarification: Stun and slow duration is 50% at point blank range, 100% at max range and up to 150% at boomerang range.
  • Damage now also scales with throw distance the same way.



“The speed at which Goop appears allows Skaarf to compensate for missing a Spitfire by immediately dropping a puddle that connects the fireball and his target. This was also adding a great deal of unavoidable burst to Skaarf’s kit. Finally, the fact that Kraken simply stands on top of a puddle made Skaarf far too strong vs Kraken, resulting in high-level teams almost never taking Kraken against an enemy Skaarf.” —SurpriseBirthday

  • Goop has an additional 0.2-second delay before it lands on the ground
  • Goop deals reduced damage to Kraken, as well as to lane minions.
  • Spitfire will no longer hit multiple heroes if they are exactly on top of each other.


“The change to Tyrant’s Monocle is extremely favorable to Joule. Since she is in a good spot today, we need to adjust down Thunder Strike a bit to compensate.” —Zekent




  • Pierce down from 10-20% to 5-10%




“Some heroes are so exceptionally good at lifesteal that their entire kit depends on stacking it. However, others are terrible at lifesteal, making the stat largely useless on them. We’re reducing permanent, stackable, always-on lifesteal and replacing it with a powerful-but-capped bonus. This does wonders for most heroes, but it wears off quickly for those AOE spells that dish out tons of total damage very quickly.” —Zekent

  • Lifesteal reduced from 20% to 10%
  • New passive: Your next 600-1200 (level 1-12) points of damage has +25% lifesteal; recharges over 40 seconds.
  • Serpent Mask weapon power down from 90 to 75
  • Eve of Harvest crystal power down from 65 to 55

tyrants-monocleTYRANT’S MONOCLE

“This item has always been a second-class citizen to Sorrowblade. We’re making it a stronger alternative, especially for heroes with good weapon damage per hit.” —SurpriseBirthday

  • Crit chance up from 30% to 40%
  • Crit damage down from 30% to 20%

minion-candyMINION CANDY

“We’re making it harder to maintain candy on the Gold Miner 100% of the time. Roamers now have to make more frequent trips to the jungle shop and spend more money to maintain candy, giving the other team more windows of opportunity to steal Gold Mine.” —SurpriseBirthday

  • Duration on jungle bosses down from 60 to 30 seconds (lane minions still 60).


flare-gunFLARE GUN

“The visual effect of Flare Gun was a bit misleading in terms of how long it lasted. By permanently revealing traps, you can more easily clear big clumps of Scout Traps and more easily bait opponents when they think they have you caught out.” —Zekent

  • Permanently reveals nearby enemy Scout Traps
  • Flare Gun duration reduced from 12 to 5 seconds (to match the visual).

scout-trapSCOUT TRAPS

“These were turning the tide of early-game skirmishes too heavily.” —Zekent

  • Damage down from 185-647 to 135-630


“You really don’t need to drop a flare in front of  yourself… you just don’t.” —Zekent

  • Increased Scout Trap vs Flare Gun placement radius from 2.0 to 3.5 meters
  • Charge time up from 15 to 20 seconds
  • Charges are shared between multiple Contraptions
  • Health granted by this item down from 200 to 0

ironguard-contractIRONGUARD CONTRACT

“While stacking Ironguard Contract was an interesting strategy, it heavily incentivized stalling out the game and rewarded defensive play and three-person wave clearing.” —Zekent

  • When multiple nearby allies with Ironguard Contract qualify to earn bonus gold, only the ally with less total gold will receive any.
  • Heal per monster / boss up from 80/160 to 120/200


“Stormguard Banner was too strong … for everyone. Since it was primarily intended for roamers, we moved some of the awesomeness of its heal down to cousin Ironguard Contract while simultaneously increasing the commitment players need to make to buy Stormguard Banner itself.” —CaptainNeato

  • Health regeneration down from 16 to 8
  • Price up from 950 to 1100 (Warhorn/Contraption price unchanged)
  • Sell value down from 575 to 200



“Average match length has gotten a bit longer since introducing turret barriers. These changes will make it easier for a full team to brute-force through the turret barrier, while making it harder for sneaky turret harassment to make a dent.” —Zekent

  • Turret barrier changed from 300 barrier generated per second (with 600 max) to 200 barrier generated per second (with 800 max).
  • Turret barrier is disabled when minions are in range, not when damage is exchanged with minions.
  • Turret armor down ~15% across the board


“No need to shop on the run to reach that jungle camp. You now have ample time to shop to prepare yourself for battle!” —Zekent

  • Players are locked for 10 seconds at match start. The shop automatically opens during this window and shopping is the only action you can take until unlocked.
  • Players gain a massive speed boost the first time they leave the spawn platform.


“Up until now, the in-game shop has only recommended Tier 3 items such as Sorrowblade or Aftershock. With Update 1.10, we’ve improved this functionality to be more granular. We’re using this to recommend Ironguard on roamers (without needed to recommend Warhorn or Contraption) and make much more intricate build paths for heroes with early-game power spikes like Taka and Ringo.” —SurpriseBirthday

  • The Recommended section of the shop will now suggest tier 1 and tier 2 items, allowing for more nuanced build paths for certain heroes.
  • Ironguard Contract is now the first item recommended on heroes with “roam” as their primary position.


“Adding this for consistency across all structures.” —SurpriseBirthday

  • Vain crystal now has the same barrier protection as turrets.


“Wow … these munions are … really tanky!” —Zekent

  • Large jungle objectives no longer attack summons such as Petal seeds and munions.


We renamed ‘cooldown acceleration’ to ‘cooldown speed,’ so this stat now starts at 100% instead of 0%. This has ZERO impact on gameplay; it is purely semantic. This stat now works exactly the same as attack speed: 100% is normal speed. 200% is double speed, etc.” —SurpriseBirthday

  • Renamed “cooldown acceleration” to “cooldown speed.”
  • Adjusted number display to start at 100%.
  • No impact on gameplay. (Nothing actually changed other than the language.)



  • Vainglory now supports Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), significantly increasing the number of supported devices.


  • Vox’s last-hit indicator is now accurate. (Sorry!)
  • Melee minion attacks are now affected by minion defense.
  • Koshka & Rona now have their minion armor stat. (All melee characters have +33 damage mitigation from lane minions.)
  • Taka’s House of Kamuha perk was triggering on non-perk critical strikes and was granting a move speed bonus.
  • Taka’s attack animation was too slow when his attack wasn’t triggering a Mortal Strike from his perk.
  • Taka’s Kaiten no longer grants him the move speed bonus from his perk.
  • The slow from Krul’s From Hell’s Heart is now Reflex Blockable.
  • Skaarf’s Spitfire no longer hits multiple heroes if they are exactly on top of one another.
  • Vox had a faster default attack animation than intended (1.9.1 hotfix change).
  • Vox last-hit indicator is now accurate (hotfix issue)
  • Ringo’s attack reset with Twirling Silver is no longer slightly delayed.
  • Too many Scout Traps on the map will no longer cause game disconnects.



While there’s no new hero in this update, the next hero is getting close! Read the Blackfeather Sneak Peek now for look at what this assassin’s abilities might be. Plus, get the inside scoop from Blackfeather’s lead designer, see Blackfeather’s splash art and read all the lore to date.

Join or create a guild, play together to strive for huge end-of-season rewards and explore the new meta while sporting your new Star Queen Celeste skin! Go check out Update 1.10 later today.  —PlayoffBeard