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Join Vainglory’s Lunar New Year Celebration

Join Vainglory’s Lunar New Year Celebration

  • Vainglory
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  • Jan 20, 2017


The Lunar New Year is coming! To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, Vainglory is offering big discounts, bonuses and giveaways to start your year off right. This includes a “Twice the ICE” bundle with some of the best savings on ICE for the entire year as well as Mystery Chest Key bundles to give you discounted chances at skins, heroes and hitting those sought-after jackpots! Plus, Vainglory welcomes the return of “Red Envelope” giveaways that reward you every day you open the app during the Lunar New Year celebration. Read on for all of the details …


Awesome ICE bundles available for the Lunar New Year Celebration. Limited time only!

WHEN: Jan. 22 until Feb. 5 at 4PM PST

Unlock special Lunar New Year ICE bundles! Get “Twice the ICE” for a discounted price or purchase the “ICE + Opal + Epic Key” bundle to get a brand-new Epic Mystery Chest Key. The new Epic Mystery Chest guarantees a skin and a hero in every chest and a chance at a 1 million ICE jackpot! With unprecedented payouts, grab your Epic Mystery Chest Keys now!

  • One-time only “Twice the ICE” bundle 1300 + 1300 = 2600 ICE for $9.99.
  • One-time only “ICE + Opal + Epic Key” bundle 6900 ICE + 500 Bonus ICE, 150 Opals, 1 Epic Key at $49.99

Remember: You can only buy these bundles once. When the event ends at 5PM PST on Sunday, Feb. 5, it’s over! Get your bundles while you can!



The Epic Mystery Chest contains every hero and skin in the game — including the unreleased skins due in Update 2.1 — and you’re guaranteed a hero and skin with every turn of the key. It’s the perfect chest for players hoping to build their hero and skin collections. Plus, there’s a chance at unprecedented payouts: a 100,000 ICE payout and the 1 million ICE jackpot. Imagine what you could do with 1 million ICE.

  • 2 + 1 Epic Mystery Key Bundle for 1998 ICE
    • Total value: 2997 ICE


Update 2.0 introduced the Mystery Chest, now the Rare Mystery Chest. This exciting chest contains every hero and skin in the game and even promises a chance at a 1 million Opal payout. Get in the spirit of Lunar New Year and try your luck with these exciting Mystery Chest bundles!

  • 5 + 1 Rare Mystery Key Bundle for 995 ICE
    • Total value: 1194 ICE
  • 10 + 3 Rare Mystery Key Bundle for 1990
    • Total value 2587



Koshka is all dressed up and ready to party. Unlock this hero and her Special Edition Red Lantern skin for discounted Opals!

WHEN: Jan. 22 – Feb. 5

Get Red Lantern Koshka Special Edition discounted from 200 to 150 Opals. Don’t have this iconic hero? Not to worry. She’s available for ICE at a 75% discount. There’s no better time to add Koshka and this festive skin to your hero collection!

  • Get Red Lantern Koshka Special Edition for 150 Opals (down from 200)
  • Unlock Hero Koshka at 75% ICE discount



WHEN: Jan. 26 at 5PM PST until Feb. 3 at 4PM PST

Open the app each day during the big Lunar New Year Celebration between to get Red Envelope Glory gifts! Each day, you’ll unlock Glory and see Vainglory art provided by one of our favorite fan artists, hallu! To see more of her work, check out her Twitter page.

Remember: To get the best Red Envelope Gifts you’ll need to log on every day between Jan. 26 and Feb. 3. The total Glory is massive, so don’t miss a day.

Daily ‘Red Envelope’ Gifts Login bonus
Day 1 Glory gift 88 Glory
Day 2 Glory gift 88 Glory
Day 3 Glory gift 88 Glory
Day 4 Glory gift 88 Glory
Day 5 Glory gift 88 Glory
Day 6 Glory gift 88 Glory
Day 7 Glory gift 2 X 88 Glory
Day 8 ICE & Glory gift 199 ICE, 888 Glory
Total potential gifts: 1592 Glory, 199 ICE!

Join in during Vainglory’s Lunar New Year Celebration for discounts, special bundles, Red Envelopes and some extra special surprises. The celebration starts Jan. 22!