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EA Superstar Druid Joins Invincible Armada for VIPL

EA Superstar Druid Joins Invincible Armada for VIPL

  • Vainglory
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  • Dec 01, 2015


In the biggest player transfer of the VIPL offseason, druid has moved to Korea’s Invincible Armada and will start in lane when VIPL play begins this Thursday.

Druid is the #1-ranked player in the East Asia region. More importantly, the gap between druid and the #2 player is three times greater than the average distance between first- and second-place players in any other Vainglory region. He is a transcendent player, and his addition to INV’s roster raises that team’s talent and prospects immensely.

Druid’s competitive level in VIPL is world class, boasting the highest KDA (7.16) up to the semifinal round. Because druid plays lane carry, this allows the skilled jungle duo of Ruin and Wine to stay intact, building on the stable foundation created in past regional and international tournaments.

Invincible Armada has been considered a competitive giant since their impressive semifinals run in the most-recent VIPL and their championship finish at the earlier Vainglory World Invitational, defeating GankStars Sirius in the finals.


With their improved roster, Invincible Armada will immediately be put to the test as they face Southeast Asia representative INFAMOUS in the group stage match on Thursday. Invincible Armada and INFAMOUS both competed in the Vainglory World Invitationals, and this will likely be druid’s greatest challenge of the group stage.


Druid will likely go head-to-head against INFAMOUS’ Cassandra, an elite player with World Invitational experience who is widely considered one of the best laners in SEA region. If druid somehow dominates this lane matchup, it will spell massive trouble for all INV’s opponents that follow.


The VIPL starts this Thursday at 2AM PST / 11AM CET / 7PM KST on OGN Global’s Twitch channel. Tune in to see druid shaping the future of the Invincible Armada franchise!