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‘Corsair’ Krul Arrives in a Special Mystery Chest

‘Corsair’ Krul Arrives in a Special Mystery Chest

  • Vainglory
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  • Apr 02, 2017

‘Corsair’ Krul and his undead pirate army has boarded the queen’s galleon in search of a very particular treasure. Read on to discover more about him and how to make him yours! 





  • Ornate skull-hilted cutlass
  • New beard style
  • Tricorne pirate hat with feather and parrot skeleton
  • Hook hand & peg leg
  • Treasure: rings on his fingers & gold coin
  • Captain’s waistcoat & striped breeches
  • New weaponry: ship’s cannon & flintlock pistol!


  • Flintlock pistol crit shots
  • Hook-hand attacks
  • Spectral Smite indicator shows skull & crossbones
  • Cannon effect for Spectral Smite
  • Limping peg leg walk
  • New recall: triumphant sword removal results in sword returning & knocking him off his feet
  • Ghostly sprint when Krul is Empowered by the Shadows!



  • Only available from Mystery Chests until April 19
  • 1-in-20 chance to get this new Legendary skin
  • All Legendary skins replaced with Corsair Krul
  • Otherwise Rare Mystery Chest drops apply
  • Afterward, the skins will be available for direct purchase for 3599 ICE



On that night, us on the queen’s galleon all woke screaming from nightmares. The navymen shrugged it off but the islanders said it was death come hunting. Me and my lowlife rigging brothers climbed the ratlines and told tall tales to make each other brave: I’d punched the nose of a shark, I said, and another had slept through a hurricane in a crow’s nest, and another claimed he’d out-argued the prosecution at his thieving trail.

That’s when the wind died. The sea went smooth as glass, like nothing we’d ever seen. We swung the bracers around trying to catch any breeze at all, dread pooling up behind our tongues.

Then the water rippled and a corsair ship rose from the sea, a ghost itself, outlined in transparent green, fish flapping away from the churning water.

We watched in terror as the dead spilled off the deck of the ship and walked on the water toward us. They moaned with inhuman suffering, hundreds of bent and twisted horrors on the wrong side of the Netherworld.

“Run out the guns!” cried the captain. He was a seasoned seaman who’d faced pirates before, even wasted one and took his parrot as a prize, but there was terror in his eyes while the navymen manned and loaded the cannons. The blasts split apart the quiet, but the balls sailed straight through the corsair ship, splashing in the water behind.

The dead clawed their way up the side of the galleon and spilled over onto the deck. The navymen drew their swords and the islanders wielded sharp sailing knives, but they were no match for the ghost pirates; against them, gunpowder and blades were useless.

My lowlife brothers and me all went hiding. We’d none of us seen a real fight before, no matter our bragging, and didn’t know the right from wrong end of a pistol. Me, I got to the captain’s cabin and hid, trembling, in a wardrobe, unaware of the damned captain’s parrot beside me until it ruffled its feathers and squawked.

“Never rest! Always restless!”

“Shh!” I hissed at it.

My legs cramped up while I listened to the battle above. Didn’t take long before the gunpowder runners’ steps stopped, and then the pistol and cannon fire died, and then there were only the moans and sighs of the dead, and for sure I was done for the living world.

The parrot climbed the bars of its little cage and poked its head through. “No peace for you! No peace for you!” it squawked.

Then he came. His footsteps were different, one being booted and the other wood striking wood, and me being the shark puncher started to cry as the cursed pirate, him they call Corsair Krul, burst into the captain’s cabin.

Through the cracks in the wardrobe could be seen the terrifying monster limping his way through the cabin, just like the legends said, handsome through the decay, decked in weathered finery, rings littering his bony claws, and that cursed cutlass stabbed straight through his ribcage. He peeked into the captain’s chests but bypassed the gold and the jewels. He turned to go, but then:

“Enter the horror! Enter the horror!” cried the parrot.

Corsair Krul yanked open the wardrobe doors and stared down at me, the sniveling coward rigging boy. “There you are,” he growled. He reached into the wardrobe and filled it with his death-cold so that my teeth chattered when I begged for my life.

But instead of clawing the life out of me, he unlocked the parrot’s cage.

“Tommy,” said the pirate. “How I’ve missed you.”

The bird hopped right out and onto his hat, at which time all its feathers fell out, and its skin too, so that it was just a parrot skelly pacing along the pirate’s tricorne, squawking with glee, “Your mistake! Your mistake!”

And Corsair Krul, swear on my mama, walked straight out, and took only Tommy the Parrot with him while his crew ransacked the rest, and only I and my hidden rigging brothers were left to man the sails back home.

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