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Announcing the Autumn Season 2015 eSports Calendar

Announcing the Autumn Season 2015 eSports Calendar

  • Vainglory
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  • Sep 29, 2015


Following our Autumn Season announcement last week and the VGL Preseason Qualifiers, here is the Autumn Season eSports calendar for you to mark down. Some previous plans have shifted and there are some surprises, so read carefully!

 Korea (VIPL)

Korea remains where the highest level of international play will take place. The Autumn Season Vainglory International Premier League (VIPL) will kick off in the last week of November with a prize pool of KRW 80M ($67,000 USD). It will again feature 12 teams qualified from various regions. We will see new teams from EU, NA and China as well as possibly new teams from other major regions. The VIPL Finals will be held at the end of December. We will announce full broadcast dates closer to the kickoff. The top 3 teams from last VIPL, Gankstars Sirius (NA), Hunters (China) and pQq (Korea) auto-qualify for VIPL. The rest have to earn their places through regional qualifiers and other regional rules to be announced soon.

North America & Europe (VGL)

Watch the VGL on demand.

NA and EU will see the Preseason VGL Qualifiers finish over the next week. All matches will be played on update 1.8. We will distribute a tournament build of Vainglory to all remaining players, if necessary.

We had originally planned to run a league structure for our first full season, but based on a lot of advice from teams and tournament organizers alike, we will instead run the Autumn Season in the format of two qualifier tournaments (the current Preseason VGL Qualifier and an upcoming best-of-64 Season VGL Qualifier). Teams will earn points for each qualifier, and the eight teams with the most points will take part in the Live Finals in early December.

The broadcast schedule for EU and NA VGL will be as follows:

Preseason VGL Qualifiers – Remaining Schedule

30th Sept Cancelled 7PM CEST 7PM EDT
3rd Oct Quarterfinals 7PM CEST 7PM EDT
4th Oct Semifinals, 3rd-place Match & Finals 6PM CEST 6PM EDT

Season VGL Qualifier (Best-of-64) Schedule

7th Nov START / RO 64 7PM CEST 7PM EDT
11th Nov Round of 32 7PM CEST 7PM EDT
14th Nov Round of 16 7PM CEST 7PM EDT
18th Nov Quarterfinals 7PM CEST 7PM EDT
21th Nov Semifinals 7PM CEST 7PM EDT
22th Nov Finals 7PM CEST 7PM EDT

Points will be awarded as follows:

Position 1 2 3 4 5 – 8 9 – 16
PRESEASON QUALIFIER Sent to VIPL* 80 60 40 20 10
#1 Seed
100 85 55 35 15

In the event of a tie, the team that placed higher in the Season VGL Qualifier (best-of-64) will win the tiebreaker.

In the event that multiple teams have the same number of points in addition to ending in the same ranking in the Season VGL Qualifier (best-of-64), additional best-of-three tiebreakers will be played to determine seeding.

*If this first-place team can not attend VIPL, it will instead be awarded 90 points and the second-place team will be sent to VIPL. If the second-place team cannot attend, the third-place team will be sent to VIPL.

The winner of the Preseason VGL Qualifier will automatically qualify for the VIPL in Korea starting at the end of November.

Any teams that obtained points in the Preseason VGL Qualifiers will be automatically entered to participate in the Season VGL Qualifier and will be reseeded accordingly. All other teams will need to apply for the Season VGL Qualifier.

VGL Live Finals

The eight teams with the most combined points from the Preseason VGL Qualifier and the VGL Season Qualifier (best of 64) will be invited to participate in the Live Finals in December. These teams will be required to travel and play in person in a broadcasted three-day event at dates and locations to be determined shortly. All travel and lodging will be paid for on behalf of the players. If a team declines to play in person, that team’s spot will be awarded to the ninth-place team (and so on), until the declined spot or spots is filled.

VGL prize pools will be awarded as follows:

Position 1 2 3 4 5 – 8 Total
NA PRESEASON QUALIFIER $5,000 (USD) $1,800 $900 $600 $425 $10,000
EU PRESEASON QUALIFIER $5,000 (USD) $1,800 $900 $600 $425 $10,000
NA SEASON QUALIFIER (BEST OF-64) $5,000 (USD) $1,800 $900 $600 $425 $10,000
EU SEASON QUALIFIER (BEST OF-64) $5,000 (USD) $1,800 $900 $600 $425 $10,000
NA LIVE FINALS $10,000 (USD) $3,000 $1,500 $500 0 $15,000
EU LIVE FINALS $10,000 (USD) $3,000 $1,500 $500 0 $15,000

Other Regions (TBD)

We are working on official tournament structures for other regions. Stay tuned for announcements. We are also actively looking to support third-party tournament organizers and competitive events, so if you have ideas or want to set up a tournament, get in touch!

Moving Forward …

It’s amazing to think that two months ago, there was no VIPL and Vainglory eSports was in its infancy. We appreciate all the teams and players representing Vainglory so well around the globe and displaying immense flexibility as we find the schedule and structure that will best serve everyone best in the long run. We are excited to increase our total upcoming VGL combined prize pool to $70,000 — and that doesn’t include prizes for the next VIPL, which begins in November. We’ve only just begun, but we hope everything we’re announcing today inspires more teams and world-class talent to dedicate themselves to competitive play, make their mark and rise to international prominence.