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Worlds Team Profiles (South America): RED Canids

Worlds Team Profiles (South America): RED Canids

  • AdyEndrus
  • |
  • Oct 31, 2016


One of the oldest teams in the South America region, Amaterasu Gaming — recently acquired by Red Canids — have been paving their path to this World Championship since they formed. Winners of every major tournament in the region, they are ready to prove to themselves (and everyone else) that they can be world champions.


Red Canids, one of the largest Brazilian eSports organizations has acquired Amaterasu Gaming, one of Latin America’s most highly esteemed Vainglory teams. Red Canids will represent the region in the first-ever World Championship, taking place December 2-4 in Hollywood, Calif., at the legendary TCL Chinese Theatre.

“Amaterasu Gaming gave us the opportunity to be part of Vainglory, a game with a community that is constantly growing in Brazil and, for the team, they were very excited to be part of one of the largest esports organizations in the country,” says Felippe Corradini, Red Canids CEO. “With the World Championship coming up, the team’s dedication is at its height. We will give it our best!”

  • Read the full press release here.


phinnJesuinoFera (captain)

Real Name: Paulo Benetti
Nationality: Brazil
Favorite Hero: Phinn
Role: Roam
Playstyle: Capitalizes on the moves of his enemies. Shot caller to make the tough decisions to lead his team.



Real Name: Rodolpho Henrique
Nationality: Brazil
Favorite Hero: Celeste
Role: Lane
Playstyle: Aggressive lane pressure with emphasis on 1v1 and 2v2. Sets the pace of the game early and establishes dominance in lane.



Real Name: Vinicius Moniwa
Nationality: Brazil
Favorite Hero: Glaive
Role: Jungle
Playstyle: Tends to favor frequent rotations to lane to help UrameshiYusuke get ahead and stay ahead — even if it means slowing jungle clear times.


Red Canids is a powerhouse in Brazil, having won every tournament there since forming their team. The most important of those tournaments, Vainglory Masters, was their most challenging event as almost 500 teams registered to compete. Their first-place finish at the Vainglory Masters event punched their ticket to Hollywood as South America’s representative.

Their unanswered success stems from their team strength in synergy and aggression. Watch for UrameshiYusuke to establish early lane dominance and set the tone early for the entire team. This aggression translates into perfectly orchestrated team objectives all while stifling the economy of the enemy team. Red Canids is planning on coming out the gate full steam ahead and the rest of the Worlds teams better be ready.


Red Canids — then Amaterasu Gaming — competed in VIPL Season 3, where they drew a group with GankStars (North America), Raid (Korea) and Easy to Win (China). Amaterasu showed some uncharacteristic nerves playing live on the big stage and did not advance out of the group stage, but that experience may allow the team to be much more comfortable in the international, live-play setting of the 2016 Vainglory World Championship.

Watch Red Canids compete on behalf of South America in the Vainglory World Championship Dec. 2-4 on