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Worlds Team Profiles (Japan): ViVianne

Worlds Team Profiles (Japan): ViVianne

  • AdyEndrus
  • |
  • Nov 08, 2016


Winners of multiple regional events—ViVianne had their hopes of competing at Worlds dashed due to a technicality. However, their season journey wasn’t over and ViVianne will be representing Japan at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood this December.


Guest_111488208 aka PeaceRoyal (captain)

Real Name: Fumiya
Nationality: Japanese
Twitter: @vg__tame097
Role: Lane
Background: Winner of the first Korea vs Japan tournament. Reached Vainglorious Silver on his guest account and kept the name because of it.


Real Name: Tatsuki
Nationality: Japanese
Twitter: @tatuki__217
Role: Jungle
Background: First place finisher in RAGE as part of TeamGL. A wide hero pool that surprises his stream viewers with unexpected and off-meta picks.


Real Name: Kei
Nationality: Japanese
Role: Roam
Background: Historically known for his own roam style, which according to Kei change the game into a “4 vs 3” in his favor. Helped win the first Korea vs Japan tournament with Tatsuki and Fumiya. The best roam according to Wine.


ViVianne is a team that dates back to October of 2015. Once the team began to form and show promise, it attracted the attention of big players from Japan such as chanhide, a former member of Divine Brothers.

ViVianne defeated a RAGE finalist team in an attempt to secure their spot for Worlds, but the match was nullified due to a rules infraction that disqualified ViVianne from the tournament.

However, due to complications, ILLMATIC was unable to attend and offered the invitation they earned to their strongest competitor: ViVianne. Ultimately, ViVianne got the Worlds seed based on past tournament performance.


ViVianne has competed in multiple Dragon and Tiger Cup tournaments, an international tournament between Korea and Japan. ViVianne won the first Dragon and Tiger Cup, but only finished with two wins in the best-of-five series in the second cup.

ViVianne is a powerful mix of young talent, superstar potential and wise experience.

Watch ViVianne compete on behalf of Japan in the Vainglory World Championship from Dec. 2-4 on