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Update 1.1.6: Japan & Korea on the Horizon

Update 1.1.6: Japan & Korea on the Horizon

  • Vainglory
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  • Jan 09, 2015

Jan. 9 status update: The chat features in 1.1.6 are now available globally! You may need to quick Vainglory and relaunch to see the new functionality. More details below.

Update 1.1.6 was a pre-holiday submission that largely prepares Vainglory for our upcoming release in Japan and Korea. This update also sets the stage for worldwide rollout of Party queue chat and additional social features. Plus, this includes Russian language support and visual/audio upgrades to Skaarf and Petal. We’ll follow this update as quickly as possible with the release of 1.1.7, which I can now definitively say will include a new hero! For now, let’s take a closer look at 1.1.6 …

Friends Instant Messaging & Chat Improvements

Available immediately in Southeast Asia & South America. Rolling out soon worldwide following live testing.

Chat is a feature we’re committed to getting right. As such, we’re taking our time and observing its performance (and player reception) in Southeast Asia and South America before turning it on worldwide. This update improves the existing chat functionality based on our findings. We’re going to take a few days to make sure these improvements don’t introduce any unexpected issues. So long as everything goes smoothly, we will then turn on Party queue chat worldwide! We’ll announce this global step in the official forums, vainglorygame subreddit, official Twitter account and the in-game News section. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Send private instant messages to friends: This highly requested feature will give you the ability to have 1:1 conversations with other players on your Friends list to coordinate matches, discuss team comps and relive games.
  • Party Queue chat improvements: Improves the look, feel and performance of the existing chat functionality. This will be rolling out worldwide soon!
  • Redesigned Friends section: A forward-looking refinement to friends and communication in the game. More to come on this front …


Since private matches don’t impact your skill rating or Glory, there was room to give players a little more flexibility. Starting with 1.1.6, private matches will have no minimum time for being able to surrender. So, play around with your friends as you see fit. Additionally, when kicking off a six-player Private Match, the system will automatically place three players on each team. You can use the SWITCH TEAMS button to swap at will, but if teams are not 3v3 when the setup time expires, the match will be cancelled. This will help prevent “accidental” teams and team comps, which was something we observed in 1.1.5.

Match afk alerts

You’ll now be alerted when an ally disconnects from your match. You’ll also be alerted when an ally or enemy rejoins the match.


We want to reward players for close, highly competitive matches (win or lose). If you play in a very close game, you’ll receive bonus Glory and see ‘Hard Fought’ on the post-match screen. Note: ‘Hard Fought’ will not be awarded for matches ending in surrender.

SKAARF (Quality of life)

  • The visual effects and sound effects on Skaarf’s Fan the Flames heroic perk and Spitfire skillshot have been upgraded to better communicate what’s happening and where damage is coming from.
  • Skaarf now has a signature “voice” more befitting a dangerous little dragon. This upgrades Skaarf’s idle, movement, attack and death voice lines.


  • Fixed the visual and sound effects for Petal’s Spontaneous Combustion ultimate to correspond properly to the explosion of each munion pet.
  • Added an icon to clarify how many pets are alive.

There are no hero or item balance changes in 1.1.6, although we are looking closely at underplayed heroes and a number of potential balance changes for 1.1.7 (and beyond). We’re definitely tracking player feedback on certain heroes, items and item-build combinations!

If you’re having a stability or performance issue, email:

  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where Taka’s invisibility box would not work under certain conditions.
  • Bug fix: Dead heroes and minions no longer block Skaarf’s Spitfire skillshot.
  • Bug fix: Fixed freeze-up issues after watching Academy videos.
  • Misc. performance enhancements

See you in the Fold, and stay tuned for more info soon on the new heroes coming to the world of Vainglory! —PlayoffBeard