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Update 1.09: Join Forces. Control Your Fate.

Update 1.09: Join Forces. Control Your Fate.

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  • Jun 06, 2014

This is a big one. Update 1.09 introduces a milestone feature that gives you the power to choose your teammates and enter the Public Match queue as a pre-made party.

That’s right: Your friends. Your call. Your destiny in your own hands.

For anyone frustrated by AFK or skill-mismatched teammates, this is the answer and feature you’ve needed. For all those wondering how to easily play with real-life friends and siblings, this is the feature you’re after. For all those who have made elite allies in the forums, this is your chance to band together for epic matches unlike anything you’ve been thrown into. You now have control over your own team and your own fate.

Let’s break it down …

Get the Party Started!

I hope you’ve been adding friends pre- and post-match … because your Friends list actually has purpose now!

1. Tap into the PLAY section.


3. Invite one or two online friends by tapping on their player name. (Look for the green dot). Friends who accept your invite will join you in your pre-made team. If someone declines, bails or is out to lunch, just “x” ’em out of your party and invite someone else.

4. Only the Team Captain (the one who formed the party) can trigger a Public Match. From there, the Matchmaker will find the most worthy opponents and fire off the match. You might battle another pre-made party of similar collective play experience. That’s when the real magic happens.

5. You’ll stay a party post-match! Want to go again? The captain can simply put the party back in the Public Match queue. If you want to play with different friends (or take your chances in the wild), just “leave” the party. If the captain leaves, it’ll break up the band. No worries; it’s easy to make a new party.

What Went Wrong?!

This feature is obviously brand-new, and I’ll bet we messed something up somewhere. If your party explodes into confetti or your iPad starts to ooze goo (or any other bug), please email us at We want you focused on forming all-star parties; not fighting through glitches. So, let us know if you notice something amiss!

There’s a Party … Am I Invited?!

Looking for incredible, pro-caliber teammates to party with? Don’t be a wallflower; they’re waiting for you in the forums (and are nice and friendly). There are many threads dedicated to sharing player names … and I’m sure new threads will form to support having fun with this feature. I can’t say enough about the Vainglory talent in the forums. Some frequent posters can (and will) take down Vainglory devs at their own game. So, hop in there, make some friends (or just jot down some posted player names) and then add those players as friends in-app!

Form a Mighty Party!

To help get you started, here are some existing threads:

The Ultimate Team Queuing Thread!

Nightly GGs (the most popular forums thread ever!):

Player name threads:

Any authors and contributors you find in the Builds & Guides section:

Best teammates post:

Wait! There’s more …

We know most people will be obsessing over the new party system. (Heck, you might find yourself playing against a team of three developers!) But this update includes some extra goodies, ’cause we could:

Matchmaker Improvements

“The Matchmaker in 1.0.8 of Vainglory was the first step toward arranging matches that would pit players against players of nearly equal experience. In 1.0.9, we have also increased the Matchmaker’s intelligence for aspects including how likely a player may be to go AFK, how skilled the players are and other elements as well.

“So, without getting into the finer details of it, the Matchmaker will try to match you with players that are as much like you as it can find. If you are frustrated that players are leaving matches, do your best to stick it out — you will have a better chance of the Matchmaker finding you players who don’t leave.” –CaptainNeato, Game Design MiniBoss

App Settings

Under Settings > Vainglory on your iPad, you now have options for toggling pinch-to-zoom.

Latest Gameplay & Game Balance Tweaks

Hero updates:

  • Catherine’s Heroic Perk now grants 1 armor per stack (down from 2 per stack).

Item updates:

  • Tension Bow bonus damage reduced to 180 (from 250).
  • Weapon Infusion/Crystal Infusion changed to grant 6 weapon/crystal power per level (instead of flat 55 weapon/crystal power).
  • Minion Candy is now less expensive (50 gold) and stackable up to 5, since it never gets any love!

More Territories = More Friends

We just expanded Vainglory into Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Combined with team queuing, that means there are even more skilled, MOBA-savvy players to form teams with and conquer the Halcyon Fold. Welcome to the party, new players! We’re excited to welcome you into the action.

Huge Super Evil Megacorp Announcement (Company News)

We just announced $15 million in funding from some incredible investors. Here’s what it means for you: VAINGLORY IS HERE TO STAY.

Rest assured that this game will be around for a long, long time. So, feel free to pour as many hours into perfecting Adagio as you like! We appreciate all your early support, and we’ll be around for many, many moons to support the entire player community back! If you’d like to read more, here’s the link.

Performance Enhancements

  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to erroneously receive a Public Match “cooldown” period.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Tension Bow to incorrectly deal bonus crystal damage or too much damage.
  • Misc. performance improvements and bug fixes.

The Age of Team Queuing has arrived. Choose your party wisely, young padawans. Because now, if there’s a bad egg in your party, you put them there!

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