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Update 1.06: A New Game Name & Big Milestones

Update 1.06: A New Game Name & Big Milestones

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  • Apr 08, 2014

App update 1.06 brings with it a number of important milestones as we make this party bigger, stronger and louder.

First off, this update introduces players to the game’s real, official name—finally shedding our working title of more than two years. This had to happen immediately because of the amazing growth that’s happening in the player base.

That’s the next milestone: We’ve expanded into the Philippines, where San Pablo, Laguna, native Chainsaw welcomed a huge audience that has been absolutely devouring matches. Just over the past weekend, our player base and match rate has jumped more than 30%, which means more players to get into matches with much faster match times.

We’re also taking a big step forward in eliminating AFKs with Match Accept, which SurpriseBirthday explains below.

We’re listening … and it’s happening. Step by step, inch by inch, together we’ll make this game better with each update. So, keep telling us what you want in the forums, and we’ll keep delivering and expanding as quickly as possible!



A New Game Name: ‘Kindred’ is now ‘Vainglory’

Read the big announcement!

New Visuals: Vain Crystals & More

  • We’ve updated the look of the giant crystal in the Home Team and Away Team bases. These are now known as Vain crystals, accompanying the new game name, Vainglory.  There’s also an extra Easter egg: The compass symbol in the middle of the Halcyon Fold lane now looks like the Vainglory logo!
  • Not to be forgotten, Ringo also has a new run-fast animation! Try it out.

Introducing Match Accept

When a match is found, everyone will have 10 seconds to confirm they are present and ready to play.