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Update 1.05 Notes: Making Life Easier

Update 1.05 Notes: Making Life Easier

  • Vainglory
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  • Mar 08, 2014

A big part of multiplayer gaming is forging a unique identity. Players want to be known for something among friends and maybe even the community at large. That might be for GOING HAM like Leeroy Jenkins as an unstoppable Koshka pro or for feeding uncontrollably (someone else better carry hard).

With update 1.05, you’ll find a couple changes that both make it easier to play—and easier to make your mark. In other words, you can make a profile without jumping through 12 hoops of fire! Plus, we’ve updated the matchmaker and tweaked game visuals and item balance.

Streamlined Profile Sign Up

Moving forward, new players will enter as “guests” who can play as much and as long as they want. When they’re ready to create a unique player name and save their progress on our servers, they can make a profile using a dramatically streamlined sign-up flow. From there, you can add that player as a friend by entering their unique player name (or tapping the “add friend” button on the in-game scoreboard and Victory/Defeat screen).

If you haven’t yet claimed a unique player name, now’s your chance. Grab your favorite name before someone else scoops it up. Then, make some outrageous gameplay memories.

Matchmaking Prowess

Sometimes you don’t want to wait for a full 3v3 match, which is why we have the “Play Now” feature. But kicking off matches with uneven teams proved a frustratingly uphill climb for some. So, we’ve adjusted the matchmaker to only start “Play Now” matches with even number of players. We’re keeping it fair from the start, but you can still play dirty.

Latest Gameplay & Game Balance Tweaks

Your opinion matters to us! Often, the tweaks below are a direct result of player thoughts sent to

  • Aftershock and Tension Bow damage has been reduced (so heroes don’t melt).
  • Adagio’s Gift of Fire ability is more “sticky” to allied heroes, so you’re less likely to heal a minion or a seed.
  • Ironguard Contract & Stormguard Banner no longer grant armor but grant more health regeneration.

Performance Enhancements

  • If you’re having a stability or performance issue, email: We will immediately investigate your concern.
  • Minor bug fixes and stability enhancements

Join the conversation in the forums and let us know your thoughts on these updates!