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‘Summer Party’ Kestrel Sneak Peek!

‘Summer Party’ Kestrel Sneak Peek!

  • SugarVenom
  • |
  • Aug 11, 2016


Everyone thinks they ‘saved’ Kestrel from the Great White Shark, but Dave and Kestrel are buddies!





    • Snorkel and flippers for nautical sniping
    • Sushi-hunting spear gun
    • Basic attack fires a harpoon that sprays water and bubbles on impact
    • All-new aqua-missile Glimmershots
    • Active Camo releases a sea mine into a pool of water, bursting and soaking enemies when detonated
    • One Shot, One Soaked enemy!
    • Dolphin-kick sprint animation



Unlock this special seasonal skin by collecting 50 cards in the following ways:

  • Get cards from the special Kestrel ICE Box.
  • Unlock directly with ICE
  • Earn Sunlight from matches to level up. (Some Summer levels will automatically give you a Kestrel card.)
  • Claim Daily Summer Chest rewards, which will sometimes include a Summer Kestrel card, especially if you’ve leveled up your chest a lot.
  • Complete Quests: It’s possible you’ll score a Summer Party card in your quest chest.
  • Maybe get really lucky from a Summer Kestrel card drop post-match
  • Card Parties! Play Casual and Ranked matches every weekend until Summer season ends to get guaranteed seasonal cards after wins:
    • Third win = guaranteed Summer Party Krul card
    • Fourth win = guaranteed Summer Party SAW card
    • Fifth win = guaranteed Summer Party Kestrel card

Note: Summer Party Krul and Summer Party SAW are still available and will be until the end of the season.

‘Summer Party’ Kestrel Alternate Fates Lore


Wait. Krul says he surfed in to save me? SAW didn’t wait thirty minutes after eating his weight in tacos to get in the water? And now Phinn’s reporting himself a hero because he tossed a floaty donut in my general direction?


Look, I’m all for equal opportunity, but these guys are the kind of cartoon characters who look into a gun barrel to check for bullets. I can’t even have a nice snorkel without dudes splashing into the water with their heads full of bravado and the CPR poster they glanced at once. Dave could’ve gotten hurt.

What do you mean, Who’s Dave? Dave is my shark. He washed up ashore as a pup and I rescued him, and he’s been my buddy ever since. I take him for walks… I mean swims… every afternoon. I give him belly rubs and he escorts me and my spear gun into the best tuna hideouts. Freshest sushi ever.

I do like how SAW thinks that squirting water into a shark’s eye will hurt it. Cool story, bro. I’m not sharing my sashimi with any of them.

The end




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