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SK Gaming Joins Vainglory Competitive Scene

SK Gaming Joins Vainglory Competitive Scene

  • AdyEndrus
  • |
  • Nov 18, 2015

SK_team_groupNew SK Gaming members MYQ, ADzero, Cr3am, MEDIC, jetpacks, Bayu (from left).

Today SK Gaming, an international multi-gaming organization, announced its entrance into the Vainglory competitive scene by acquiring powerhouse EU team R3D. SK Gaming has been a prominent force in eSports across a range of games and genres and will now set its sights on Vainglory VGL and VIPL pro play.

SK Gaming was founded in 1997. Based in Cologne, it has more than 50 of the top professional eSport gamers and is expanding their lineup with this recent acquisition.


With members coming from Team R3D, this new team includes some of the most popular names in the EU Vainglory competitive scene. The elite Vainglory players joining SK Gaming’s roster includes:

  • Martin “MYQ” Marquardt, Head Manager SK mobile
  • Arthur “MEDIC” Gentil, Manager / team coach
  • Sargis “RedWolf” Avdishyan, player
  • Anis “Cr3am” Djail, player
  • Luca “RoccoS” Spiga, player
  • Raphael “Raph29” Kalab, player
  • Baastian “Bayu” Thielsch, player
  • Vladimir “WalDeMar” Korolev, player
  • Kiet “L3oN” Pham, player
  • Jonathan “jetpacks” Bergius, player
  • Noah “ADzero” Shizhao Tan, player

The former team R3D has a storied history of success in the Vainglory competitive scene and has been a popular and formidable organization since the inception of Vainglory tournament play. R3D teams Chimera (#1 seed) and Prometheus (#5 seed) have been competing in the Autumn VGL qualifiers, with Prometheus battling in the tournament semifinals this Saturday. SK Gaming will now also have a team competing in the Vainglory International Premier League (VIPL), with all matches played live in Korea on OGN television and OGN twitch channels. For more, visit