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Preview: EU Evil Eight Challenge Battles (Split 2)

Preview: EU Evil Eight Challenge Battles (Split 2)

  • ReadyPlayer1
  • |
  • Aug 12, 2016


Concluding Split 1, Team Supremacy and SNOW Avalanche emerged victorious from their Challenge Battles to move forward into the Evil Eight. SNOW Avalanche continued to gather momentum throughout Split 2 and sits near the top of the standings. Team Supremacy didn’t have the same success and will again have to fight tooth and nail to remain in the Evil Eight. For these Challenge Battles, we’ll see some surprising names and some old faces duking it out for those coveted spots in the Summer Live Championships.

SK Gaming (E8) vs Team Elysium (C)

Team Elysium have done very well this split and find themselves entering the Challenge Battles as the top Challenger seed. They will likely have a tough time against SK Gaming, former competitive titans, who still have a spark of fight in them. As an older, more established team with relatively the same team members, SK Gaming should have the better synergy and team coordination. That said, Team Elysium have a fresh approach to gameplay that may throw SK Gaming off guard.

  • SK Gaming: Raph, MEDIC, Cr3am, lloH4uK
  • Team Elysium: Aeroniac, NikiTos, corteZ, Vela, Kylobayd, Teuzz

Team Supremacy (E8) vs Rising Lotus (C)

Team Supremacy find themselves back in the hot seat yet again. A lot of people will probably favor Rising Lotus in this matchup, as they’ve shown some impressive gameplay. Still, the big question is if they can measure up to the standard of the other Evil Eight teams. We’ll soon find out.

  • Team Supremacy: Mercilles, Saif, SBArON, Yaza
  • Rising Lotus: Yichun, PRZ, KeanuNakoa, badBlood

SNOW Tsunami (E8) vs Angry Pandas Black (C)

This is the toughest matchup out of the three Challenge Battles. SNOW Tsunami, on a good day, is up there as one of the top teams in Europe. They’ve been Team Secret’s major rival in tournament finals, and their appearance in the Challenge Battles is rather shocking. But SNOW Tsunami hasn’t been playing well during the past few weeks, possibly in part from Krul and Petal’s disappearance (for various reasons) from Split 2. Tsunami may struggle against the Angry Pandas, a former Live Championships team looking to reenter the high-tier competitive scene. That said, if the historically strong Tsunami team shows up, it could instead be a quick two matches in their favor.

  • Angry Pandas Black: Daniir, TonyLuo, LeyaLeya, dinoEgg
  • SNOW Tsunami: PTlam, araXI,  lookatme, Sosiska

Watch the Challenge Battles this Saturday starting with Europe at 9AM PDT and North America at 3PM PDT at