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Optimizing Vainglory Performance on iOS9

Optimizing Vainglory Performance on iOS9

  • ReadyPlayer1
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  • Sep 17, 2015

So iOS 9 is here, with lots of new awesome, including the ability to reference VaingloryFire guides while playing or even watch the OGN VIPL semifinals broadcast while engaged in your own epic match. But just remember, Vainglory gets very jealous when you don’t give it your undivided attention! It wants your device to itself, so here are some suggestions for the best possible Vainglory experience on iOS 9. …



  • Turn off “Siri multitasking” while playing.
  • Turn off the permissions for apps to update in the background.
  • Make sure you don’t have any other apps or services running in the background (or foreground!)
  • Hard-quit Vainglory and reopen … and if experiencing issues, you can even try reinstalling the app. The hard-quit does seem to be a good first step. 
  • Note: We’re hearing that players on the iOS 9.1 beta have even better Vainglory performance than 9.0.

We’re very excited about the sweet innovations in iOS 9 and eye-popping new devices like the iPadPro, and the is team focused non-stop on uncovering any new performance issues. In fact, TheRealKrul is currently working on significant performance improvements that should impact both iOS and Android devices. But more about those later.

Definitely let us know about your iOS 9 experiences and if the suggestions in this article were helpful — and please share your tips and tricks with the rest of the Vainglory Community!