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‘Kandi Twirl Koshka’ Skin Reveal!

‘Kandi Twirl Koshka’ Skin Reveal!

  • Vainglory
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  • Apr 17, 2015

Kandi Twirl Koshka is almost here! The Halcyon Fold’s most lovable hellcat has been seen at the best underground raves. She has plenty of candy and bracelets to share, and she loves to hug — but watch out for those claws!


Watch in-game video footage of Kandi Twirl Koshka during the Friday dev livestream! Watch in-game video footage of Kandi Twirl Koshka during the Friday dev livestream!

Soooo! There’s me at this super-awesome-yay party, everyone was groovy shaking and smile happy, totally the best. And then I saw these two humans hanging out way up there! One was making like, all the oontz oontz sounds, and I could feel all his wub-wubs shaking in my bones, and the other was making shooting stars join the party! And they’re up on top of this big ol metal wheel thing that’s taller than me, like taller than like, ten me’s standing on top of me … woo there’s Justine! Hallo Justine!

Anyways, I had with me three of my pack, Cue and Stephy and KelKel, and I had found some sugar tasties and KelKel had made me these five sparkle bits to wear, and I had on my painted back scratchers with all the right groove shaky colors, and we’re just groovy shaking and I gotta give hugs to everyone because they need them you know, but then this awesome berserk dance started on the floor that makes everyone yell really loud.

Look that’s Gem! Gem! Haallooo Gem, over here! Over h… she can’t hear me. Ow ow, these thud boxes are super loud. What was I… oh! Soooo these human ladies came out wearing these swank white costumes, and they had pointy steel thingabobs, and then these other humans with banners came out wearing shiny metal stuff shouting
“CE-LESTE! CE-LESTE!” and they did this, like, crazy dance kind of groove shake! Then the human boy on the metal wheel made the air super angry with a sound that made my belly go woomp! And everyone had to stop and cover their ears and go whoaaa. But he made the sound to big, too scary big, cuz the ground thumped really hard and the metal wheel. fell. down. No, I mean the whole thing crashed, and it seemed like it took forever, and the boy and the star girl free fell all the way, and we had stood up and uncovered our ears by then and I was like, no way, they’re going all out for this — this party is better than super-yay, it’s all the way to super-awesome-yay.

And at the last minute, this metal machine man… no seriously, let me tell the story! …this machine man stomps clomp-clomp through the dancers and catches the two falling humans in these buzzing shield thingies. Best. Party. Ever. Wanna dance? …I said, WANNA DANCE?

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Super Evil co-founder SurpriseBirthday explains Kandi Twirl Koshka's origins. Super Evil co-founder SurpriseBirthday explains Kandi Twirl Koshka’s origins.

“I used to go to EDM shows a couple years ago, and when we made Koshka, I immediately thought the culture totally clicked for her personality. She reminded me of kandi ravers early on because of her ultimate: Right before she attacks, she jumps up like she wants to give you a hug. In fact, whenever Captain Neato plays her, he says, ‘Hey, lemme give you a hug!’ She’s disconnected from everyone else’s reality and way too happy.

“She is a girl without a history who tries on whatever style she likes. She isn’t a cat; she’s just convinced she’s one — and that’s a big part of rave culture: having the freedom to be something or someone else for awhile. Unlike the lore-heavy characters, Koshka is more of a hero born to just have fun.”