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Introducing Onslaught: Escalating Rounds of Teamfighting Action

Introducing Onslaught: Escalating Rounds of Teamfighting Action

  • ReadyPlayer1
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  • Nov 28, 2017

At the heart of any MOBA is teamfighting action. Players want to feel like superstars — where they’ve unlocked a hero’s full power and their ultimate potential as a gamer — and those rare moments when everything comes together are pure magic. You know you can do no wrong. You’re carrying your team, and you know that your teammates are marveling at your skill. The only complaint a MOBA player has in times like these is they wish they weren’t so rare.

Enter “Onslaught,” a new Vainglory short BRAWL game mode where two teams of three players lock horns in escalating rounds of intense, tight-quarters combat. Each round, the stakes are raised, with more gold to spend and new superpowered Talents from which to choose. And because it’s ALL action, your true teamfighting skill emerges nearly every match.

For players who don’t have time for a full 20-minute MOBA match and players who just want short bursts of intense fun, Onslaught will be the new fan favorite.


Onslaught’s round-based play is broken down into three parts:


Each round, you can select one talent for the hero you’re playing. Selecting a talent in a round exhausts it; you cannot select it in another round of that Onslaught match.


Each round, you’ll be granted gold along with any gold unspent from prior rounds of the match. Buy items to be stronger in the inevitable teamfights to follow!


Once you’ve selected your talent and spent your gold, indicate that you’re ready for the next round. Once all players have hit “ready” the round will start. Note: If you take too long, the round will start anyway, so don’t ponder the options too long! You only get one life each round (no respawning), so make it count!


If you’ve read this far and are thinking, “I’ll just play a stealth hero and hide the whole match,” well, we thought of that, too. Over time, the play area will shrink, forcing players to fight to the death. There’s no escape from the onslaught.


While plenty of BRAWL players will casually enjoy Onslaught’s action, there is a wellspring of strategic decision-making just beneath the surface:

  • You can deliberately save unspent gold for a bigger bounty to spend next round. Any unspent gold from the previous round will accrue interest for the next one. You’ll be weaker for one round, but you’ll then have an unexpected power spike that others don’t.
  • You can strategically select (or opt-out) of talents each round. Because there are five rounds per match, you’ll only have a talent buff in at most three rounds, and that’s if you have the Rare, Epic and Legendary talents for that hero. You’ll need to decide when you want to be strong, when you can afford to be weaker, and which talent is most important to use when. Should you use your Legendary talent early to balance out lack of items … or should you wait for a big bang of power in the late stages of the onslaught? And since every hero has radically different talents, these decisions vary not just from round to round, but also hero to hero.
  • Your Five-hero Chest just became a thing. In order to maximize your power each match, you’ll need the Rare, Epic and Legendary talents for your hero of choice. Remember: Playing any public game mode with a hero will count toward your Five-hero Chest, and once you’ve completed matches with five different heroes, that chest will pay out with a random combination of Rare, Epic and Legendary talents. This is a great (and free) way to expand your talents collection and give you more options in more rounds of Onslaught combat.

Onslaught is a seasonal BRAWL game mode being introduced for Vainglory’s Winter season start. Also in the works is Vainglory’s long-requested, long-awaited 5v5 mode, which will be unveiled during the 2017 Vainglory World Championship Dec. 14-17. If you haven’t pre-registered for Vainglory 5v5, do it now to get a chance at early 5v5 access and to get the Founding 5v5 player badge!