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Introducing Limited-Edition Autumn Seasonal Skins!

Introducing Limited-Edition Autumn Seasonal Skins!

  • PlayoffBeard
  • |
  • Sep 29, 2015

Vainglory has been cast into darkness by Petal’s eternal enemy, the Bleekos! For a limited time only, Pumpkin Spice Petal and Baewitched Celeste do battle on a haunting Autumn Season map. Use ICE to unlock these two limited-edition, supernatural hero skins in the Market upon update 1.9’s release. By Halloween, they’ll be gone … and then only those who unlocked the special skins will have access to use them! 



A flesh-eating fruit with watchful eyes for a throne. Tombstone seeds. Skull munions. And that pumpkin head with candlelit eyes! Pumpkin Spice Petal is truly one-of-a-kind, and it’s only available during 1.9. With this skin and the new Petal ability rework, you’ll be that much scarier when invading enemy-side jungle. —PlayoffBeard



For months and months, players have been pleading for a Celeste skin, chanting ‘she is bae!’ in chat. The wait is over with an amazing limited-edition skin. Ride a broom, drop cauldrons from the sky and trigger a supernova to watch them bubble and explode! But we won’t stop there. Celeste will also have a full three-tiered skin coming in a future update. —PlayoffBeard


By SugarVenom

Celeste wandered upon Petal on the Halcyon Fold one night, pulling eyes out of newts and dropping them into a cauldron.

“You look strange,” said Celeste. She was eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich with the crusts cut off. “Did you do something with your hair?”

Petal stirred up the stuff in the cauldron with a long spoon, then added three frog legs. The brew inside glowed green and farted. “I don’t have hair,” said Petal. “I look weird because you usually see me with Murgle.”

“Oh. Where is your fancy bouncy vehicle?”

One of the frog legs leaped out of the cauldron and tried to hop away. Petal grabbed it and tossed it back in. “Closed up, like the rest of the flowers. Haven’t you noticed anything different about the sky?”

Celeste looked up. “All the stars are where I left them.”

“It’s noon. Don’t you don’t find it kind of strange that you can see the stars right now?”

After a thoughtful bite of her sandwich, Celeste said in a sticky way. “I guess I don’t usually eat my lunch at night.”

“It’s been night for three days. We’re calling it The Great Eclipse.” Petal unwrapped an itty bitty pouch and upended it over the yawning mouth of the cauldron. Nothing visible came out, but baby laughs echoed from inside the bubbly goop. “The Bleekos did it.”

Celeste peered over the lip of the cauldron and leaped back with a squeak when something inside erupted. She was okay, but her sandwich got toasted. “Bleekos?”

“The Meekos’ mortal enemies. Their king, Gnottingham Catchfly the Third, stopped the world’s spin. Now half of it is always dark.”

“How did he manage that?”

“Magnets. Magic. Or maybe he dug down to the squirrel in the middle of the world who runs on the wheel and fed him a poisoned biscuit. I don’t know how, just that he did it, and the Bleekos invaded my home with their moonlight power. My garden is full of dung beetles and mosquitos and super-annoying cricket songs. The flowers are all closed, including Murgle. The munions are hiding underground. And I can’t fight, ’cause all my power comes from the sun.”

“I like when the stars are out, though.”

“You also like honey. And peanuts.” Petal pointed at Celeste’s sandwich. “There’s no flowers for the bees to dance in, and they’re all napping in their hives. No flowers, no honey. No sun, no peanut plants. No peanuts, no peanut butter.

“But I quite like peanut butter.”

“So make yourself useful.” Petal tossed a turkey baster over at Celeste, then poured in one grinning clam, one angel feather, a spider with nine legs, a first kiss and a can of orange juice concentrate. “Put a drop of that on this.” She set a watermelon down on the ground before Celeste, then fit a protective pumpkin over her own head.

“Um… okay?” Celeste poked the baster into the burpy fizzy concoction and delivered one drop onto the innocent little melon.

B O O M!

The melon exploded outward. When the green smoke cleared, the watermelon had spooky sharp teeth, googly eyes and bounced around all on its own.

“Perfect,” mused Petal, and hopped onto her new ride.

“Exploding stuff could be useful,” mused Celeste. “Let’s make some more.”

Super Evil artist Noxii explains her Death Metal approach.THOUGHTS ON PETAL FROM SUPER EVIL ARTIST NOXII

“The original inspiration for Petal’s Halloween skin was ‘necromancer with a pumpkin head.’ With Petal, it’s important that everything be super cute, so everything in her design is big and round with no sharp edges, like toys. Even the eye triangles and the gravestones are rounded. The munion skeletons have big, too-heavy heads. I dressed Petal in pumpkin leaves and gave her a big belly from eating too many jelly beans. I wanted her hat to be more than a stem, so I gave her a candle.

“Murgle is an exploded watermelon, but with teeth. I researched succulent plants, bleeding funguses, plants that look like they have eyes, and zombies coming out of the ground.”

                Chainsaw explains how Paragon Catherine                 came to be.THOUGHTS ON CELESTE FROM SUPER EVIL ART DIRECTOR CHAINSAW

“For Halloween, I thought it would be fun to continue Celeste’s mage theme by making her a witch. She’s our good girl, so I let her have fun with her Halloween costume.

“Baewitched Celeste isn’t in our tier system, but she has Tier III quality. She has unique animations and effects, so she drops cauldrons instead of stars and creates a magic circle for her Core Collapse. When she sprints, she rides a broom. I expect to see a lot of warhorn builds for her!

“These limited edition skins are a badge of honor. In the future, other players will be asking, ‘How did you get that?'”




My favorite part is the graveyard on the right side of the map. A lot of thought went into whose names would appear where, and I got great input from the team. There was even some ribbing between myself and the FX artist, and now his name appears on one of the tombstones. It was really fun to make and I think it looks awesome, too.

I had to decide what we could actually get done and what would make the biggest impact. I had SO many ideas, but I had to remember that there’s always next year, and it will look more and more awesome every year.

I wanted to convey the mood of a moonlit night, while keeping the map colorful. I picked a color scheme (purple and green, with pops of orange) and painted the lighting to fit within the theme. Spooky, creepy and ghoulish: Green puddles of goop anyone?

There are surprises hidden in the map, but if I told you, well… you know what happens if I tell you. All I will say is, look at the tents.

Get these special Autumn Season 2015 skins as soon as update 1.9 drops and keep them for good. But remember: When update 1.9 is gone, these skins will be gone from the Market as well!