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Flicker Hero Breakdown — Get the Early Edge

Flicker Hero Breakdown — Get the Early Edge

  • Vainglory
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  • Nov 11, 2016

The shadows can be a trusted ally or a dangerous foe. For Flicker, the shadows are home. No hero utilizes stealth as effectively as Flicker. Able to ambush from out of nowhere and grant his entire team stealth, he can swing a teamfight in seconds. Using his heroic perk, Flicker is exceptional at scouting ahead and creating a favorable fight dynamic for his allies. Flicker players will want to not only build vision but also disrupt enemy vision so that when he appears next to enemy heroes, he can deploy his slow and damaging abilities for maximum effect. But most of all, Flicker gives damage-heavy teammates a way to reach the enemy back line and make mayhem before it’s clear what hit them.

Read on to learn how to utilize this sneaky roam hero …



Willow Whisper (Heroic Perk)

Flicker gains stealth and a move speed bonus when in brush for a short duration. Flicker can then leave the brush and remain stealthed for a time. Taking damage or using abilities removes stealth.

flicker_aBinding Light (A)

Flicker commands his fairies to swarm a target location, dealing damage to enemies standing within it. When the effect expires, fairy light roots any enemy heroes still within the area.

flicker_bFairy Dust (B)

Flicker swirls fairy dust around him, slowing and dealing damage to anyone inside the dusted area. After a short duration, the dust ignites, dealing a burst of damage.



Mooncloak (Ultimate)

Flicker and his allies temporarily gain stealth and a move speed bonus. The stealth will break when a hero uses an ability, attacks or takes damage.




As a roam hero, Flicker prefers teamfights where his large AOE attacks and team-wide ultimate come in handy. Thanks to his heroic perk, his ability to ambush enemies is unparalleled. Rather than doing the damage himself, he enables his allies to ambush the enemy carry. Flicker can stealth a teammate who can then gank the lane. Got a backline mage causing you problems? No more! With Flicker, you can reach and poke mages through stealth. Additionally, while his damage isn’t too high, he can pick off weak enemies when necessary. His Fairy Dust ability (B) is a great slow and makes his more powerful Binding Light (A) more likely to hit. Stutter-stepping ensures you do the most damage possible before you once again flee into the brush.




Flicker shines in teamfights, where his team stealth ability allows him to set the terms of combat. Flicker players typically have to be pretty close to thick of things to be effective.

If possible, a Flicker player should use his Mooncloak (C) to ensure that he and his teammates get right on top of the enemy carry. Then, once in position, Flicker initiates combat by utilizing his Fairy Dust to slow the enemy carry. Again, deploying Binding Light as soon as possible (and on the slowed enemy) is paramount.

You can also use the powerful Fairy Dust ability to peel for your carry. In this situation, a Flicker player needs to stick by their carry. While their carry kites away, the Flicker player uses their potent B + A combo to keep the enemy in place. In most 2v1 scenarios, it will be Flicker’s job to keep the enemy slowed with the Fairy Dust ability and then place the Binding Light in the enemy’s path to ensure it hits.

If you’re on the receiving end of a 2v1 scenario, Flicker has several escape options. While fleeing, Flicker should drop his Binding Light in a place that will deter the enemies from chasing you. If possible, try to wait in nearby brush until the stealth resets and then flee. If you’re really in a bind, Flicker’s ultimate can prove a fantastic way to disappear.

An important note about Flicker’s ultimate: When setting up an ambush, make sure that your allies are not doing any damage to enemy heroes. This includes bleeding effects from Taka or Fortress’ abilities, for example. If your allies are damaging enemies, they’ll immediately lose stealth.




fountain-of-renewalFountain of Renewal: As a roam hero, building health and healing are paramount concerns for Flicker. He’s not particularly durable and benefits greatly from health. Fountain should be the first item rushed.

Items_stormcrownStormcrown: The extra energy and damage are great for Flicker, allowing him to spam his abilities and gives his basic attacks more of a punch.


crucibleCrucible: Another great item for a roam hero who needs to keep his allies alive.


atlas-pauldronAtlas: Flicker can use it while he’s stealthed and can sneak up on the enemy carry before they even know what happened.


aftershockAftershock: If you want more damage, then Aftershock is a great buy. Flicker’s Binding Light is spamable, so triggering Aftershock isn’t difficult. Flicker can also usually get a basic attack on people.

contraptionContraption: Flicker will want to clear enemy vision in order to make his stealth more potent.





celesteCeleste: Squishy carries like Celeste, Ringo and Skaarf are easy pickings for Flicker. Without an easy way to escape, Celeste can be quickly trapped by Fairy Dust.


krulKrul: Some melee heroes, including Krul, lack good counters to slowing effects like Fairy Dust.



glaiveGlaive: Glaive can knock Flicker back and get him out of position, making it hard for Flicker to close and use Fairy Dust effectively.


lanceLance: Lance can knock back Flicker to prevent Flicker from closing. Lance also has an escape ability that makes it hard to contain him.


baronBaron: Baron’s range can keep Flicker away and when Flicker does manage to close, he can simply jump away from Flicker’s Fairy Dust.




  • Make sure you’re casting your Binding Light after Fairy Dust hits. It’s much harder to hit otherwise.
  • Your stealth is global, so you can save a teammate who is being chased.
  • If careful, you can run from brush to brush without being seen in the jungle because of the cooldown on the stealth. But in larger gaps, he’ll unstealth briefly.
  • Aggressively use stealth and harass tactics. His energy costs are moderate, so Flicker can use his abilities often. Why not gank your enemies and then run to the brush, then gank again before heading to the jungle? The point is to never let your opponent know what you’re doing. Always be the smartest Bleekos in the room.