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‘Dark Parade Adagio’ Official Skin Reveal!

‘Dark Parade Adagio’ Official Skin Reveal!

  • Vainglory
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  • Apr 16, 2015

Coming soon as part of the mysterious “skins system”: Dark Parade Adagio! To battle immortal ennui, Dark Parade Adagio demands that the world’s elite curiosities parade annually before him to perform. To inspire as much as a raised eyebrow from an heir of the dragon seraphim is a triumph, but such a moment is eternally rare.

We eagerly anticipate delivering this haunting skin to Adagio’s biggest fans!
—PlayoffBeard & SugarVenom


Adagio lore excerpt:
Adagio lounged in the eye socket of his long-dead ancestor. His fist curled under his chin as he gazed downward at his guests — or he might have been napping. Behind him, a parade of people and creatures curled down the cervical vertebrae of the dragon: supplicants, rulers, politicians and chiefs who’d come to beg for his attention or affection. Each wore feathered couture designed for the occasion; the gentlemen mirrored a bare-chested fashion inspired by Adagio himself.

Read the full ‘Dark Parade’ lore story here.


Super Evil art director Chainsaw discusses the Dark Parade Adagio skin. Super Evil art director Chainsaw discusses the Dark Parade Adagio skin.

“Anytime we design a new skin, we look at how we can satisfy the aspirations and dreams the player has for the character they choose, but in a slightly different way. Adagio is an aristocratic, ancient dragon prince, with more than a hint of darkness. As the song says, ‘Please allow me to introduce myself; I’m a man of wealth and taste.’ I’ve always enjoyed this quality of his.

“I took that gentlemanly, yet darkly seductive, aspect one step further for Dark Parade Adagio: tactical intelligence with sophistication is in line with the dreams of the kind of person who would choose our awakened legend. I pictured myself as Ringo and thought, ‘What would Adagio look like if he came to hire me in a dark bar? What would Adagio look like as a night creature?’ When one of the ladies at work steepled her hands and said, ‘Oh yessss,’ I knew I was on the right track.”