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Coming in Update 2.3: Charms Preview & All-Access Passes

Coming in Update 2.3: Charms Preview & All-Access Passes

  • ReadyPlayer1
  • |
  • Mar 24, 2017


In our recent “Developer Update: A Look Into 2017” video, we showed the first glimpse of Talents — a major new system in progress. Talents will be felt throughout the app, and the underlying work going into it unlocks a world of new possibilities. A number of new incoming features resulted from Talents tech, and we’re previewing two of them in Update 2.3: Charms & Passes.



Charms brings new options for personalizing your reactions during matches by expanding the social pings menu. Players who acquire a Charms Pass temporarily unlock a new emote option that does three things:

  • Performs a custom taunt animation: Each hero has a unique animation players can use to express themselves, whether that’s putting the exclamation point on triple kill or celebrating a Vain crystal explosion. These animations are just a small preview of the things we can do in the future with charms.
  • Verbally taunts the enemy team with a map-wide voice line: Regardless of location, your hero will be heard across the map, reflecting their unique personalities. For some heroes, these lines have never been heard before — and we’ll be able to add more lines in future updates. Note: If you taunt multiple times rapidly, only the first taunt will be heard globally to avoid spam.
  • Emotes a kissy face: This is the first global emote that both teams will see. It appears in a speech bubble next to your hero, so if you want to blow a kiss to the enemy after performing an ultimate kill, they’ll be sure to see it.


  • Get a 7-day ‘Charms Pass’ for 499 Glory in the new “Passes” section of the Market.
  • BONUS! The first Free Chest (a.k.a. Daily Chest) you open in Update 2.3 will include a 7-day Charms Pass so you can try out Charms for yourself!

The taunts being previewed in Update 2.3 are just the beginning of what’s possible with Charms. Be sure to tell us what you think, and have fun with this new mode of expression!


Play any hero for a select amount of time with a 50% boost to everything!

Boosts are being retired from the Market in Update 2.3 and replaced with the All-Access Pass, a nitro infusion of everything you could want “on” during a match, along with maximium hero flexibility and fun:

  • All heroes unlocked for the duration of the pass
  • 50% Glory boost
  • 50% account experience boost
  • 50% Sunlight boost
  • 50% Guild Fame boost
  • Charms unlocked on all heroes for the duration of the pass


Players can acquire and add time to their All-Access Pass in increments of 3, 7 or 30 days at a time. Here’s the breakdown:

  • All-Access for 3 days:  399 ICE
  • All-Access for 7 days: 699 ICE
  • All-Access for 30 days: 1299 ICE


Update 2.3 is coming soon, with additional features to streamline your Vainglory experience. Keep an eye on the in-game News section for more announcements. The longer-term work on Talents continues. Be sure to read the upcoming Update 2.3 Notes for more footage and a progress update on Talents — and keep an eye out for more developer update videos covering new maps, 5v5 and more.