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Brackets Revealed for North America & Europe VGL Second Qualifiers

Brackets Revealed for North America & Europe VGL Second Qualifiers

  • ReadyPlayer1
  • |
  • Feb 05, 2016

The brackets are out for the crucial VGL second qualifiers beginning Feb. 13. Let’s take a look …


North America features top seeds GankStars Sirius (now with FooJee), Alliance (now with CullTheMeek), Nemesis Hydra and GankStars Vega. North America champions (2) LiberationX is once again facing immense pressure to perform with zero qualifier points, and LBX faces a potential rematch against the team that knocked them out of the first qualifier in shocking fashion, Team Smurf Vainguard.


In Europe, Team Secret, SNOW Tsunami, RebelTiger and SK Prometheus secured #1 seeds. Team Secret looks to score their third straight title after the Autumn Live Championship and the first qualifier win. SNOW Tsunami faces a potential epic rematch in the quarterfinals vs. (2) RebirthofEmpire, unless (3) RebelLion steps up. RebelTiger will need to fight through a reunited G2 Kinguin squad once again featuring Reddix, DarkPotato and D1ngo, including the lane/jungle tandem that dominated VGL upon G2 eSports’ entrance into the Vainglory competitive scene. SK Prometheus enters the second qualifier with a star-studded new roster and will takes on the likes of SNOW Avalanche or AngryPandas Black to get out of the Ringo Bracket.

Note that seeds 33-64 will need to defend their bracket spots vs. the top teams emerging from the Amateur Series before Qualifier action begins on Feb. 13.