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  • Zekent
  • |
  • Jun 25, 2015


“Is that ICE? Double Glory? How about … TRIPLE Glory?!”

With Vainglory launching around the globe on July 2, what better time than now to band together as a community to welcome all the new players to the Halcyon Fold. From June 25 to July 9, we want everyone to show their support with a fun community-wide event!

We want to find out how YOU play Vainglory — whether it be outside your favorite coffee shop or in your living room with a group of buddies. Capture a moment that you think perfectly encapsulates your Vainglory experience and post it to Twitter to let us know how you #Vainglory.

Even if you don’t get the chance to post any pictures, we’d like to help all of you join in on this event. Beyond the individual chance to earn ICE, we’ll be granting everyone the opportunity for increased Glory rewards by reaching a few community-wide goals!

Individual Prizes:

  • Every day: Each of the regional community managers will be picking their favorite THREE tweets and granting those players 1,000 ICE each.

Community Prizes:

  • GOAL: Total of 10,000 Tweets/Retweets
    • REWARD: Double Glory Weekend! (7/10 – 7/12)
  • GOAL: Total of 30,000 Tweets/Retweets
    • REWARD: Double Glory Weekends! (7/10 – 7/12, 7/17 – 7/19)
  • GOAL: Total of 100,000 Tweets/Retweets
    • REWARD #1: Double Glory Weekends (7/10 – 7/12, 7/17 – 7/19)
    • REWARD #2: Triple Glory Weekend!!! (7/24 – 7/26)


  • This event begins at noon PDT June 25 and ends 11:59 PM PDT July 9.
  • You may submit up to THREE tweets each day
  • Your tweet must have the following format:
    • “I #Vainglory”
    • Your Player Name
    • A picture of how you like to play Vainglory
    • Anything else you want to add
  • Your tweet must not start with @[Twitter Handle].
  • There is no limit to how many times you can retweet.
  • To win the individual rewards, you must be following @vainglorygame or your regional equivalent

Let’s show the world how awesome the Vainglory community is. Let’s start things off with a bang. Let’s show everyone how WE #Vainglory.