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Vainglory Goes Cross Platform – Test the Alpha Build for macOS & Windows Now!

Vainglory Goes Cross Platform – Test the Alpha Build for macOS & Windows Now!

  • SurpriseBirthday
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  • Jul 28, 2018

Hello, SurpriseBirthday here.

At Super Evil Megacorp we love breaking technical boundaries for gamers. In 2014, we demonstrated 60FPS MOBA play on the iPhone 6 stage during Apple’s keynote. Fast forward to 2017: We took the stage with Samsung to show off Vainglory on the Samsung DEX, a hybrid Android / PC device with full mouse and keyboard functionality. Most recently? We’re showcasing the very latest performance capabilities of the A11 chip with Apple’s Unleash campaign.

Engine technology matters to us: we believe in building amazing gameplay, regardless of platform. Our EVIL Game Engine (in development for over 10 years now!) has allowed us to design Vainglory without compromising strategic or tactical depth, or control accuracy and graphical fidelity. The EVIL Engine was designed to hold up on any platform, evolving as mobile devices improve, as mobile / PC devices converge, and as playing with friends on different platforms becomes the norm.

Today is a huge step for our studio as we are thrilled to invite, for the first time ever, macOS and Windows players to join us in Vainglory! The EVIL engine has enabled us to create a truly cross-platform MOBA. We’re very excited about starting external testing on this, and we hope you are too.

Please note that we still have a lot of work to do–proper text input support, preference settings, UI improvements and custom key bindings, bug fixes, and control input tuning are all in progress. But we’re excited to get started. We want you to be part of this journey and would love your help in making Vainglory for Windows and macOS every bit as good as it is on mobile.

Give it a try, get your Windows and macOS gamer friends to give it a try and tell us what you think! We’ll be releasing frequent updates in the coming weeks and months. As we said before, this is still a very early alpha and we know there will be issues. But we really value your feedback, so please see use the links below to see how you can get involved!

  • I’m maintaining a Trello board of known issues here
  • Submit specific feedback & ideas here
  • Find a bug? Report that here
  • You can join the discussion on Discord here

Thanks in advance–looking forward to making this awesome together!


These are not yet signed builds, so you may have to alter the security settings on your PC / Mac to allow for installation – one of the many things we’re fixing!

  • To move your hero, right click. We suggest using an external mouse.
  • Make Vainglory full screen by using the menu option on macOS (not the green button!)
    • NOTE: Text input on macOS doesn’t work when in full screen (we’re working on a fix!)
  • To make Vainglory full screen on Windows, press Alt+Enter (Not the maximize button!)
Download and play early access alpha versions of Vainglory 5V5 here:

Download for Windows
Current version: 87771

Download for macOS
Current version: 87771

Change Logs
  • Fixed performance issue with the scoreboard

  • Left Click Mouse Scheme
    • Right click is now Attack Move
  • Ozo Ability tooltip crash fixed
  • Improved performance on friends list
  • Draft chat fixed

  • Update 3.9

  • Fixes app icon

  • Windows build will no longer show the unverified developer warning
  • Fix to targeted abilities where the aiming reticles no longer go outside of the range of the ability
  • Build should automatically start in the language set on the computer it’s installed onto

  • Added better logging around match loading times
  • Added Exit Game functionality
  • Default control scheme set to ‘Right-Click’ mode
  • Default ‘Hold to Keep Scoreboard Open’ setting changed to off
  • Removed “Are you sure you want to open website?” warning dialog on PC
  • Fixed issue where ‘Shift+T’ (Quick Buy) would open the shop incorrectly

11/20/18 PC only
  • Added Crash Reporting to PC builds

  • Added logging to improve load times into matches

  • Fixed issue with Cursor not appearing correctly
  • Trophies now appear correctly

  • Enabled Dynamic Shadows on PC and Mac

10/17/18 – 3.8.0 Client Update
  • Update to 3.8 Release

09/08/18 – 3.7.1 Client Update
  • Various Crashes
  • PFX issue on Contender Kestrel
  • Fix for purchase button issue Battlepass
09/05/18 – 3.7 Client Update
  • Updated to 3.7 Release
  • Quick ping target or waning with “G” and “V” hot keys
  • Hold and drag “G” or “V” to bring up the radial ping menu

08/30/18 – PC Only Update
  • More loading time improvements for PC

  • Fixed long load times on PC
  • PC now starts in full screen mode

  • Fixed crash when looking at ability descriptions

  • Fixed crashes when you minimized or switched to another app
  • Improved loading times into match (not fully optimized yet)
  • Fixed the drop down issue in the party screen
  • Main Side bar UI is more condensed
  • ESC key no longer closes the app when there are no windows open in the game
  • More crash log improvements

  • Fix A-click selection and target magnetism criteria
  • Upgrade Ability hotkey back to Shift modifier (from Control)
  • Shop and Quickbuy hotkeys now T and Shift-T
  • Scaling for draft, home panel, various widgets
  • Fixed Double Click

Known Issue:
Can’t click on Scoreboard — we’re looking into a fix. In the meantime, press tab.


  • Updated to 3.6, please review main update notes for changes
  • Fixed some crashes on startup
  • Reduced the number of incidents of blackscreens

  • Improved crash logging
  • Fixed some crashes involving shaders
  • “S” key is now “stop”
  • Shop and quickbuy is now “~” and “Ctrl+~” instead of “S”
  • Fixed issue where left-clicking while the shop is open moves your hero

  • Added more logging for crashes
  • Fixed large scoreboard UI
  • Fixed In-Game shop size
  • Temp files are now placed in the temp directory instead of the root directory


The Windows and macOS build has been updated to Version 81466


  • Fixed free cam stutter around the 5v5 Base
  • Can now zoom with the mouse wheel
  • Added support for Hold for Scoreboard
  • Fixed edge panning while opening overlays like the shop
  • Fixed settings window snapping
  • Can purchase by right click in the store
  • Fixed Party UI layout issues
  • Desktop builds never use Joystick mode
  • Added left-click centric control scheme
  • Added more logging for crashes


The Windows and macOS build has been updated to Version 81352


  • Fixed crash on startup caused by AVX / AVX2 on some architectures
  • Added Vainglorious mouse controls for players not used to traditional PC MOBA controls


The Windows build has been updated to Version 81219


  • Fixed GetDpiForSystem Crash
  • Fixed missing MSVCP140.dll bug
  • Fixed missing i1-1-0.dll bug
  • Fixed unable to launch Vainglory on PC issue
  • Mac/PC: Fixed update link