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New Free Hero Rotation (Feb 24): Ardan Throws Down!

New Free Hero Rotation (Feb 24): Ardan Throws Down!

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 24, 2015

The patriarch and protector Ardan is free for the first time as part of the weekly rotation! Look below for the Ardan Spotlight Video, dev tips and VaingloryFire guides, then go play him! The free hero rotation changes every Tuesday. —PlayoffBeard


Ardan is a damage-soaking protector who dramatically changes the landscape of teamfights. Able to rescue friends from certain death and turn lost battles around with his powerful terrain-changing ultimate, Ardan brings immense utility to the team. Start Ardan in either the lane or jungle, depending on which ally you want to protect most.

Watch the Ardan Spotlight video to understand how to use Ardan’s abilities effectively for yourself and the good of your team.

If this is your first time trying Ardan, head to the jungle with Ironguard Contract and stick with a teammate. Max out Vanguard first, buy health items such as Crucible and Shiversteel plus cooldown like Clockwork and focus on being a tanky true protector for your team. You want to be able to use Vanguard to save allies who are low health, whether that’s your jungle mate or a hero in the lane getting ganked.

Once you get comfortable, you can consider trying a more aggressive, warrior-style Ardan. In this case, max Blood for Blood first and buy an item that will help your first punch hit hard (Tension Bow/Aftershock). Add some attack speed to feel how dangerous Ardan can be when trapping enemies inside his Gauntlet perimeter.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON RECOMMENDED SHOP ITEMS: Ardan’s recommended items in-game are wrong; the listed items are actually meant for Taka! Ardan’s real recommended items are below:

  • Ironguard Contract
  • Crucible
  • Journey Boots
  • Clockwork
  • Shiversteel
  • Warhorn
  • Fountain of Renewal
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Skaarf is a cute little flamethrower who thrives at dealing long-range and area-of-effect damage, especially during teamfights. However, his abilities are aimed, meaning you’ll need quick reflexes and good prediction to land those fireballs. Skaarf is often in lane but can also be effectively played out of the jungle. Go burn your way to glory!

If you haven’t played Skaarf before, just focus on lighting a target on fire and then basic-attacking that target as many times as possible to “fan the flames” and increase the damage. Attack Speed items such as Swift ShooterBlazing Salvo and Alternating Current will help you with this (as will boots), and items such as Frostburn will help you stick to targets and not be energy-starved from using all those abilities.

Skaarf is incredibly strong in the early game (definitely the strongest level 1 hero), so think about an early jungle invade off match start.


The master manipulator of large-scale battles, Adagio brings incredible teamfight presence with huge area-of-effect damage and team-saving abilities. He almost seems too good: He can heal. He can amplify damage. He can stun and nuke the entire enemy team … but none of these can be achieved easily without team-wide coordination. Adagio is extremely flexible and can start as laner, jungler or roamer.


Koshka is an in-your-face assassin adept at getting the kill and then getting out. She should focus on assassinating weak targets and locking down the most lethal enemy. She is extremely fast at clearing jungle camps, making her an ideal jungler. Confident players will even invade the enemy-side jungle for fun and profit.

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Glaive has one of the most feared abilities in the game: a jet-powered Afterburn strike that will slice through you and blast you back into a tactically fatal position. In teamfights, Glaive’s area-of-effect cleave and Bloodsong lifesteal makes him incredibly hard to bring down. 

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Ringo is often played as the primary damage dealer for his team. He can shoot at blinding speeds and finish off fleeing enemies with an epic fireball that follows foes across the battlefield. Incredibly weak in the early game, Ringo players should focus on earning as much gold as possible in the lane before picking big fights.

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