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Bonus ICE Reward Chest for Southeast Asia Players

Bonus ICE Reward Chest for Southeast Asia Players

  • AdyEndrus
  • |
  • Mar 06, 2017

The past few days have been rough for our friends in the Southeast Asia region. We know players look forward to playing on a new update and expect a quality gameplay experience, so first and foremost: we’re sorry. We didn’t meet expectations and so we’re here to make things right.


First, we want to do something special for the players in the Southeast Asia region. That’s why, starting on Monday, March 6 at 6PM PST, all players on the SEA server will be able to login and open a special FREE chest that contains 200 ICE. This free chest will expire after one week on March 13 at 7PM PDT, so hurry and claim yours!

Also, any players who had any boost in effect since Update 2.2 will receive a one-week boost of the same type. Have an active boost? This will add one week to it. Did your boost expire since Update 2.2? A week-long boost of the same type will be added.

  • All players receive a free chest containing 200 ICE
  • All boosts since Update 2.2 will be reactivated for one week

Please continue to be patient with us as we work to improve your experience. We are honored by your loyalty to our game, and so we want to spend a little time discussing what went wrong and how we intend to improve.


We introduced some major updates to our infrastructure around the release of Update 2.2 which would help support future features like Talents and 5v5. However, several of these new technologies being deployed caused too much traffic (thanks to our continued growth) and each problem required dedicated time to resolve. We apologize.

Our intention was to make your experience better, and that will continue to be our goal. Clearly we failed in this instance, but we will do better in the future. We already have an idea for the direction we can progress to be better prepared against issues like this.


While we have stabilized in the short-term, we intend to work on a long-term solution. We are currently working to both store your data in a faster way, while also improving how quickly it gets to you. We will continue our plan to add regional servers to improve player connections.

Thank you for your patience and please continue to watch for news about server stability.